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Faster employee hours tracker

Get a faster employee hours tracker software from Livetecs. It ensures that all of your important operations run smoothly, on time, and under budget. As a result, you'll be able to focus on expanding your company. It generates online timesheets automatically based on the time entered by your employees. As a result, there is no fear of billable hours being missed due to manual timesheet errors. No more wasting hours manually filling out timesheets. The software is simple to operate and use for your team. You'll be able to recoup lost revenue while also saving money. It keeps track of output through an activity report. It tracks each team member's active and inactive time. It improves accountability by keeping track of both productive and nonproductive time spent on projects. TimeLive makes keeping track of employee hours simple, straightforward, and precise. Our program features a function that allows you to track employee working hours more accurately and quickly, allowing your staff to be more productive, prepare more precise budgets and invoices, and complete less paperwork. We can quickly determine which projects you are working on or which projects are the most critical to complete first, ensuring that your timesheet contains accurate information.

For more details:- https://www.livetecs.com/employee-timesheet