Dust testing NZ

Are you looking for dust testing in NZ, Verum Group was formerly CRL Energy, a laboratory, consulting and research company that operated in the energy and minerals sector. With new ownership and new directions, we decided that a new brand was also required. We adopted ‘Verum’ because it is Latin for truth, the foundation of our Dust testing, analysis, monitoring, consulting and research business activities. And ‘Group’ to indicate that our specialist scientists, engineers, technicians and analysts link together to provide integrated solutions for complex high-level projects as well as the specialist niches that our team is known for. We look forward to continued support from our valued clients and your interest and engagement as our company pushes in new directions. We are integrated specialists with 30+ staff based at hubs across NZ (Christchurch, West Coast, Hamilton and Lower Hutt.) We bring together the s****s of world-leading engineers, chemists, geologists, environmental scientists and technicians to provide a wide range of services under our consulting, monitoring, analysis, and research and development business units. For more info, visit our website:- https://www.verumgroup.co.nz/what-we-do/monitoring

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