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Dysport Christchurch

While dysport Christchurch has been safely used by millions of patients, it is recommended that pregnant women, or women who are breastfeeding their babies as well as patients suffering from neurologic disease should never use dysport. The treatments do not work for everyone. However, most of patients who have been surveyed are extremely happy with this procedure. It is true that dysport injection can give you a quick fix on your wrinkles.

Dermal filler Christchurch is approved treatments and have been designed with many natural substances already found within the human body. This is another collagen stimulant. The substance is comprised of microspheres of calcium mixed into a water-based gel. The result is something akin to the makeup of minerals within our bones. No pre-testing required prior to direct injection. Immediate results lasting up to a year or beyond, depending on initial skin condition as aging related changes of the lower face include atrophy of both the upper and lower lips and negative changes of the corners of the mouth which leads to the aged appearance of a downturned mouth.

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