How do I change my Asus router password?

To change the Asus router login password, access the wireless settings first by logging in to your account. Then, tap on "Wireless" and find the "Pre-shared key."


Be it an Asus router or a router from any other brand, when you bring it home for the very first time, it is important that you change the Asus router login details. This will ensure that nobody could gain unauthorized access to your router and make changes to it without your knowledge. To change your router's login password, you can either refer to the user manual that came with your router or refer to the instructional guidelines that we are going to discuss in this blog.

However, in order to change the Asus router login password, you need to access your account first and then proceed with the password-changing process. If you have forgotten the current login details of your router, then you need to first reset it to the default settings and then change the password.

If you are able to access your Asus router settings, then you can apply the steps that I am going to discuss below.

Steps to change Asus router password

  1. Go to the Asus router login page
  2. And, log in to your router settings
  3. Now, navigate to the pane at the left
  4. After that, click on the "Wireless" option
  5. Then, go to the "General" tab
  6. Scroll down and find "Pre-shared key"
  7. In the same field, enter the new password you wish to set
  8. After that, you simply need to save the changes

After you have changed your Asus router login password, you can try logging in to a connected device using the new password and see if it works. If you could log in with the new password, then the password changing process was successful. If not, try changing the password once again using the same procedure.


For Router setup, it is surely important that you know your Asus router's login username and password. If you haven't changed your Asus router login password ever, then you can use the default password. Else, you need to use the new password during the setup process. After you are done with the setup process, you should change the password for enhanced security.