7 Tips to Renovate Your Home to Have a Smooth Life after Shifting

Are you wondering how much can the packers and movers cost before relocation and are keen on looking at some key advice about home renovation ideas?


The idea of home renovation can add to the spice of life by making our post-relocation lives smooth. Are you also planning to shift your home with the aid of packers and movers in Hyderabad? You have recently bought a rented house or a new house in the new city and want to renovate that home on a budget. We are sure at this time you might be checking for tips and tricks that work for renovating your home perfectly along with checking packers and movers rates in Hyderabad to move to the next location. Well, we have crafted this article to satisfy both the most troubling queries that run in your minds now and then. So, keep reading and enjoy this informative article.

1. Take Some Small Steps for Self-Renovation of Your Home: Home renovation is easy to tackle if it is taken on serious notes. The very first step that you can take is to minimize dust and debris in your home. It will keep your home neat and clean. The following steps will help you out in keeping your home tidy and clean.

  • Clean your home thoroughly by using disinfectants so that no dirt is accumulated over the surface.
  • Have minimalistic furniture in your new home so that the space around you looks clean.
  • Bring lots of wall hanging hooks so that you can easily manage the space around you efficiently.

2. Repair Roof Leakage If Any: Before stepping in your newly rented home, you must make your home worth living. So, make sure to amend roof holes if any to avoid any further trouble in this regard.

3. Doors Can Create Magic: Workout to spell the magic of the door on the arrivals so that their gaze remains stick onto the walls. You can use small-sized amazing paintings on the wall and if you think that doors are not in good condition, you can replace the doors also.

4. Create Imaginary Visuals: A new house or a newly rented house is a great attraction for the visitors. Don’t worry if your rooms are quite small, you can yet create a visinary big look in your room. If you wanna find inexpensive ways to make your room look huge, you can use mirrors. Mirrors are the masterpiece that works well to enlarge the look of your small rooms.

5. Apply Paint to Your New Home: Attractive paints can transform the look and appeal of your newly bought home. So, just before leaving your current home with the help of movers and packers in Secunderabad, make sure that you have transformed the aesthetics of your newly bought home. Just apply eye-soothing and eye-catching paints to your new home. You will feel wonderful at the very thought of this change.


5. Take Professional Help: If you think that you can afford to hire professionals for home renovation that’s a welcome idea that will make your life interesting right after post-relocation. But remember the budget to hire professionals should not put an execessive burden on your pocket.

6. Have a Great Lightening System: These days many lighting systems are available in the market that gives an appealing look to your home. So, try the one that suits your home. It will not cost much but transform the appeal of your sweet home.

Hope, these tips will change the appeal of your new home. Let’s move on to your next query that is how much packers and movers charges can be when you are moving away with professional movers in Hyderabad.

Packers and Movers Rates in Hyderabad for Local Shifting

Number of BHK

Packers and Movers Approximate Charges in Hyderabad for Local Shifting


3500-9500 INR approximately

Two BHk

5000-11500INR approximately

Three BHK

7000-17500 INR approximately

Four BHK

85000-21000 INR approximately


Note: These values are subjected to change on addition of toll tax and GST rates, etc. and various other circumstances.

The Closing Notes:

Hope sparing time to read this article has been fruitful and you have come up with some cool ideas related to home renovation. We wish you all the best for upcoming home relocation projects in 2020.