How do I cancel Zelle Payment in my Zelle account?

If you have send money to someone with Zelle by mistake or send to wrong person then can it is possible to cancel your payment. To know this question answer my blog will doing your help.


Zelle is a mobile payment service that offers to send and receive payments directly to bank accounts. In starting, for at least 180 days Zelle transfer limit is applicable on the new accounts due to which you can not send more than $500 from your account. After creating an account on Zelle, you can easily enroll in the online banking services by providing your bank account details. You can send money to other users by visiting the payment section. Zelle payments are sent directly to your bank account thus you cannot cancel Zelle payment in your Zelle account.

However, if the recipient is not enrolled in the Zelle account then you can cancel a payment that you have made from your account by visiting the activity page. So, if you are also looking to can you cancel a zelle payment  then you should defiantly refer to this post.

Way to cancel Zelle Payment in Zelle account

You may need to log in to your Zelle account using the username and password details on the login page. Make sure that your device has an active internet connection on your device before approaching the steps given below.

  1. On your mobile or computer, open a web browser
  2. Or launch the Zelle mobile app on your Android device or iPhone

Note: If you have not installed the Zelle mobile app yet then you need to visit the App or Play to download and install the Zelle app on your device.    

  1. Now, locate the Zelle sign-in page and fill in the username and password details
  2. If the details are correct tap on the ‘Login’ button
  3. Now, visit the ‘Activity’ page
  4. Find the payment that you want to cancel and tap on it
  5. On this page, find the ‘Cancel this Payment’ option and tap on it

Tips:   If you have not verified your identity on Zelle then you need to verify it by providing the information that is asked on the verification page to increase the Zelle transfer limit.


To sum up, cancel the Zelle payment that you have sent by mistake. The process to cancel Zelle payment is quite easy and quick. You can easily cancel a payment in your account by visiting the activity page. If you want to increase the Zelle transfer limit then you need to verify your identity in your Zelle login account.