What are the basic facts of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania?

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Pennsylvania has signed into law a comprehensive medical marijuana program that will allow patients with approved conditions to use medical marijuana for treatment.

The legislation is expected to be effective later in 2016. There are several critical points about the new law that parents should know about Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania :

 1. Medical Marijuana is not legal yet in Pennsylvania (see below re: implementing legislation; the program will be operational later in 2016)

 2. Under the new medical marijuana law, patients must obtain a physician certification that they have an approved condition.

 3. After obtaining certification, patients may get medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries or have a caregiver do so for them.

 4. The law allows each patient to use up to 2 ounces of marijuana every two weeks. A physician may increase this amount if necessary but cannot lower it below that level.

 5.A patient may possess up to 30 days of medical marijuana at a time. A physician may increase this amount if necessary but cannot lower it below that level.

 6. The law allows a child under 18 years old and qualifies for medical marijuana treatment to use their caregiver's identification card to obtain medical marijuana.

 7. The law does NOT allow patients to grow their medical marijuana or use Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania in public or at work. It also does not allow a caregiver (21 years old or older) to possess more than the legal amounts of marijuana for themselves and their patients combined.

 8. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has created a website with information about the new law and how it will be implemented at www.health.pa.gov/medicalmarijuana.

 9. Medical marijuana is NOT available for purchase in Pennsylvania yet. The state plans to issue several more licenses by the end of this year, after which medical marijuana will become available in dispensaries.

 10. The state has also issued draft regulations for patients and caregivers to review. While these regulations do not have the force of law, they provide good insight into what will be allowed once the dispensary program is operational (see the link above).

 11. Under Section 5 of Act 16: "When a patient with an approved debilitating medical condition and a valid written certification obtains physician-recommended medical marijuana from a dispensary, the physician's certification is deemed to be an approval for the patient to use medical marijuana under this act."

 12. Under Section 8 of Act 16: "If a pharmacist receives notification that his or her patient has obtained a physician's certification under this act, the pharmacist shall dispense and deliver appropriate medical marijuana in a timely manner."

 13. Under Section 9 of Act 16: "A patient who acquires or obtains medical marijuana from a certified grower/processor or from a dispensary is exempt from criminal prosecution for possession, cultivation and delivery of that amount of medical marijuana."

 14. Under Section 10 of Act 16: "A certified grower/processor or dispensary shall not be subject to prosecution by the Commonwealth for the acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, delivery or dispensing of medical marijuana as permitted under this act."


The above are all you wanted to know about the facts of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania. I hope after reading this post you will by now understand.