How do I pay my Bills with PNC Pay?

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If you are using the PayPal online banking service and have your account with this platform, then you are provided with a lot of options to make your financial lives convenient. One such option using which you can easily get your Bills paid on time is PNC Pay.

With this payment option, you can pay your bills directly from your mobile phone and enjoy benefits and rewards. Using those rewards, you can get discounts on your bill payment services. With a single tap from your PNC online banking login account, you can make instant bill payments.

The bill payment facility is highly secured and can be used without having to worry about any kind of financial losses. All you have got to do is add your cards to PNC Pay and start making hassle-free transactions. You can also set PNC Pay as the default payment option in your PNC in your device's default wallet. With enough details known, let us now proceed with knowing the process of how it works.

The process to use PNC Pay

  1. Get the PNC Pay mobile app on your device
  2. After that, sign in with your PNC online banking login details
  3. Next up, you need to add a card to your PNC Pay service
  4. For this, tap on the "Cards" option at the top
  5. After adding your card to PNC Pay, start making transactions
  6. For this, set PNC as the default payment option in the PNC wallet
  7. Now, you have to hold your device near the payment terminal
  8. Then, you need to enter your PIN and you're done


Using your PNC online banking login credentials, you can also make use of the PNC Pay facility and make instant bill payments. By going through this article, you will have enough information about using PNC Pay if you are an eligible PNC account holder.