Book 1 - Uncoded

Chapter 1 - The unexpected outcome


"Hey..." I layed down the pink stained flowers in its usual place, seeing that the last one was still fresh. The flowers were wrapped in white tissue paper and around it a blue satin ribbon, how I’ve always done it. I'm still wearing my school uniform, this red stain on my left arm blazer is just slowly fading from the incident that had happened in school. I kneeled down, "How you doing? Probably getting tired of my voice huh?" I smiled as I turned my view gazing at the evening sun that’s almost blanketing the city of Seoul. "Oh and the band won again, the next stop is in Incheon... It's still next month though...But, we'll be prepared by then," I lifted my wrist to catch a glimpse of the time, I stood up inhaling the western wind that rustled the wrappings of the flowers. "I'll see you again next week. I really wish you were here to see all this..."


*Over the tannoy*

"GOOOD MOOOORRNING!!!!! Few more days until the winning celebration!"

A large horde of students was waiting in the main hall desperately wanting to take a glimpse of the band. Phones, cameras or anything that could take pictures or film were flashing uncontrollably. I took a peek through the van's one-way mirrored windows. Just like any celebration day... I sighed and thought to myself. That day was an exception for outside students (mainly high schoolers) to enter the campus, it wasn't much of an inconvenience to the seniors or the school, I mean they are technically the university's icon. The schools proud image,


A five-membered boy band, with one respected manager, Jennie Kim. Me. I escorted the band out from the van and into the main hall swarmed with students and banners, they stood upright, smiled and waved. Girls swooned over the boys' charismatic grins but most especially at the band leader and lead singer, who was seemingly seen as the youngest (because of his youthful looks), Kang Jin. The charming drummer, Ho-joon. Most loved by the 'noona's', pretty boy bassist Yong-soo. Free-spirited lead guitarist, Jae-rim. Finally, the calm and reserved member, keyboard player, Kang-tae.

"Guys, to the practice room, I have something to tell you." Jennie shouted over the volume of the crowd, eyes straight towards the hallway, disregarding the push and shoves of the fans. The moment it was starting to feel tight and the more it was harder for the group to pass through, one group of girls dashed straight for the band, rapidly taking pictures. Jennie was knocked to the ground causing more girls to close in on them as the band's 'barrier' was broken.

"Hey, Jennie you okay?" Jin exclaimed through the eagle-like screeches echoes of the hallway, Jennie raised her thumbs up, still on the ground. The band tried to get themselves out but they were no foot closer away from the hectic crowd.

"Ugh, sometimes I wonder if I need a SWAT uniform, like, you guys need full on protection" As Jennie was still surrounded by packs of students brawling over her, Jin gently pulled Jennie on her feet, taking her by her arm,

"You don't need one" Jin smiled and grabbed hold of Jennie's hand and moved away from the horde of fangirls. The screams of the girls grew louder, 'I want to be held like that', 'She's sooo lucky!'.

"Jin, go save yourself, I'm cool." Jennie said jokingly. Jin carefully made his way out closely holding Jennie into his arm. She blushed with rosy cheeks.

"Hey! Guys wait for us!" The band members shouted as they were left in the center of the crowd. After seconds of fighting their way out, they caught up finally, running towards the stairs and straight to the practice room.