How to stream Amazon Prime Music with

Amazon Music and are two exclusive services by the leading e-commerce enterprise- Amazon. When you make a purchase for a Prime subscription, you additionally get a membership for Amazon music.


This is a single-stop gateway to a world of tunes, notes, and rhythms. You can explore among the 2 million songs, more than a thousand stations and playlists, and tons of episodes from podcasts. You can enjoy them on your smartphone, computers, tablets, and now, on TVs as well. This is where comes in. It is a web service that Amazon uses as the front for video streaming on big screens. This read will walk you through the entire process of getting Amazon Music on TV using

What are the compatible devices for Amazon Music?

Amazon Music subscription comes included with your Prime subscription and is compatible with several devices. Let’s see what they are:

  • Amazon Fire TV;
  • iOS TV;
  • Xbox One;
  • Smart TV;
  • Roku; and more.

How to activate Amazon Music on TV?

To get Amazon Music stream on your Fire TV, you need to start with downloading the application on your device, which then, would lead you to get an activation code. This activation code will be your direct gateway to experiencing Amazon Music on big screens. Thus, given below are the steps to activate the code that you received:

  1. Keep a record of or retain the activation code.
  2. Use a browser to get into
  3. Use your pre-registered credentials to sign in.
  4. On getting to the next window, submit the code.
  5. Hit on “Submit” or “Continue” on your screen.

Note: And Voila! Your TV is now equipped for streaming Amazon Music.


Amazon offers tons of products and services to make people’s lives more interesting and worthwhile. The detailed read above is focused on two of its services- Amazon music (for a vast variety of music) and (a web service). Here, you get to know significant details about both that is inclusive of compatible devices for Amazon music and the steps to activate it on big screens (like TV) for exclusive streaming.

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Get to know about Amazon music and along with its device compatibility and steps that direct you to the activation of music on big screens.