World of Warcraft: Shadowlands BlizzConline Interview

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands BlizzConline Interview


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands BlizzConline Interview

World of Warcraft senior game designer Jeremy Feasel and technical director Frank Kowalkowski detail some of the big changes coming to Blizzard’s MMO.To get more news about buy wow items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The long-awaited BlizzConline finally took place last weekend. With the event postponed from its usual end-of-year calendar slot, we’ve had to wait a few more months to hear news about Blizzard’s ridiculous amount of hit titles. For World of Warcraft specifically it’s meant we’ve had to hold on even longer for an update on patch 9.1 and where we’re heading next in the Shadowlands.
Despite many of the big announcements being stumbled across by fans a few days early, there was still plenty of news for us to get stuck into as WoW’s latest patch, Chains of Domination, was formally revealed, alongside new zones, dungeons, mounts, pets, and maw (I’ll never get tired of that pun).

During the event we had time to chat with World of Warcraft senior game designer Jeremy Feasel and technical director Frank Kowalkowski to chat about some of the big changes heading our way, including the return to a PvE Valor Points gear system, a new Torghast meta-progression system, alt-friendly catch-up mechanics, suspiciously Arthas-shaped lore and those confusing mobile app rumours.Jeremy Feasel: I think there were certain expectations that were set by the name ‘Valor Points’, which were perhaps changed slightly in this particular iteration. It’s important to emphasise that we’re basing this off feedback we’ve gotten for things like Mythic+ and raid loot. This is our patch 9.05 iteration of Valor Points. It’s on the PTR now, so we’re looking forward to seeing player feedback. It’s a system that we would like to continue iterating on in the future, so expect to see reactive changes in Chains of Domination.

That’s our goal. We want to be as responsive as possible, but to be responsible in how we are responsive. We made hotfixes to those elements that you mentioned because they’re important issues right now and making those changes wasn’t disruptive to gameplay.

We’ve actually held off a little bit in making really large changes, to things like Covenant class powers, because a lot of us that are big RPG fans and stats nerds had decided exactly what our class-spec-Covenant combination was going to be way ahead of time, and throwing a bunch of wrenches into that process while you’re levelling up would just make you feel like you can’t make any firm decisions because Blizzard is just going to keep buffing and nerfing things around you.

We feel that larger patches, like Chains of Domination, are best when making the most substantive changes. But even small patches, like 9.05, are great because we can give players a lot more of a heads up about changes on the way. They also give us the opportunity to look at the cost of changes in those situations. Something we’re going to be looking very carefully at is if you are a max Renown player and we buff the Venthyr Covenant ability, and you’re Kyrian and feel you need to swap over, let’s make that as seamless a process as possible. We want you to feel like you can make that choice during those big patch changes.
One of our team pillars is that feedback is a gift. Whether that comes from a forum, a social media post, or our own team, we do listen. When we do something like the Valor Point change, we can use a smaller patch like 9.05 because we know we’re going to have time on the PTR to let that soak in and provide people a chance to give us feedback before we roll it out to the entire community.