Know Some Common Will Disputes to Quickly Resolve

If this happens in real life, you are required to consult one of the top-most Will Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne to handle everything legally.


Most of you have heard the word “will” many times in movies or web series when someone passes away. It’s actually a time to decide who will be in charge of the money and property of a person. Approaching one of the Best Family Lawyers in Melbourne CBD is not enough.

If this happens in real life, you are required to consult one of the top-most Will Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne to handle everything legally.

The major dispute occurs when it’s time to decide and divide properties among others. In that condition, it will become important to draft a will with legal assistance to keep the dispute minimal and prevent any future litigation.

Include a few will disputes that can be easily resolved with the involvement of a will dispute lawyer.

  • Unauthorized transfer of assets
    When the power of attorney is given to any close family member or a child who can be termed as executor and he or she transfers assets unauthorized way, it will be considered as a dispute. If a person with power of attorney moved funds from one account to another, and the beneficiaries argue that the transfer was unfair or unwanted, forensic accountants can go through the records to control the matter. If the transaction of money was actually unlawful, then the executor can be removed as executor with an understanding that he or she will have a lesser share of the property or estate.
  • Delay in the procedure by executors
    Executors are in charge of handling the probate process. However, probate is nothing but a legal procedure that is handled after the death of an individual and deals with the person’s will, assets, and property. First and foremost, executors need to get a grant for probate. There will remain no specific time that the executor needs to take any specific decision. However, the executor needs to apply the probate within 12 months after the death of any individual.
  • Accusations of any undue influence
    If any family member or a friend influences the estate planning, in that case, the estate undue influence may be considered invalid and it can be changed. Any of the close family members or friends can change a will by highlighting the problem in the will information. If the proof isn’t effective or valid enough to be applicable, the previous will be applied.
  • Estate property disposition
    It’s quite challenging to decide whether the home can be sold or should be kept in the family. It is one of the most common disputes between families after an individual passes away. The best way to tackle the situation is the beneficiaries who want to keep the house should buy out the home from the estate, but if the will doesn’t include the facility and an agreement can be included.

So, it’s concluded,

Once you approach one of the Best Will Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne, you can come out from will related disputes.