​Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.11.1 influenced DIY recipes

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Nintendo has introduced many new items combined with seasonal events in the 1.11.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for users. Recently, the developers launched another 1.11.1 update, specifically for bugs and glitches that disrupt the community. Players experience the game on the front-end, and back-end developers have been collecting opinions from players to improve the player experience. Fortunately, the ACBellsBuy website has not been negatively affected. Players can still choose Buy ACNH Gold here. Although Nintendo mentioned many bug fixes in the update, it did not reveal some hidden changes.

After the 1.11.1 update, the developer also made many changes to the DIY recipes in New Horizons. DIY recipes are undoubtedly a kind of craftsman in New Horizons. Users can use the collected materials or furniture to make recipes in the DIY workbench. The process of making recipes is happy. Players especially enjoy this process. However, consistent with the developers, these changes are critical because it hinders the player's progress.

Nintendo's changes in Animal Crossing: DIY recipes in New Horizons. All previously restricted DIY recipes can be obtained through the design progress of the story mode. Newcomers can get specific prizes without having to look at the storyline. This way destroys the story mode of the entire game. Although it is not good for the old fan players, the old fan players still insist on choosing Buy ACNH Bells. All things considered, this design funnel is not fair. Therefore, Nintendo has imposed some restrictions, and now if you have a DIY recipe in your wallet before visiting or leaving your friend's island, the recipe will disappear.

Simply put, this means that you cannot control the 70 DIY recipes of Dodo Airlines that are now on new horizons. This is Nintendo's brilliant strategy, mainly because it wants to prevent people from taking advantage of this experience. After these changes, the newcomers will do their best to make progress in the storyline to pack these products into their pockets. Users can only get DIY hidden recipes after paying a certain amount of labor. Do you support Nintendo's decision on DIY recipes?