Chansey Evolution Guide In Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Since Chansey appeared in the first generation, it has always been one of the most iconic Pokemon. Chansey recently appeared in Pokemon Sword and Shield and became a kind of mainstay.

In Pokemon, Chansey is a normal type of Pokemon. It has a reputation for appearing with Nurse Joy in the Pokemon Center and is a trustworthy healing companion.

In the game, fans who like Chansey can get one, and there is a huge surprise waiting for them because Chansey's evolution does not depend on the level. If you need other 6IV Shiny Ditto, you can choose to buy them.

Initially, Blissey evolved into a normal type with many wings. However, Blissey has a significant advantage and special characteristics. Since Pokemon has added the Isle of Armor DLC to the Sword and Shield, you can finally collect a Blissey through Chansey. As it is the first generation of Pokemon, almost everyone knows Chansey.

Chansey can be found in multiple locations. The most common ones are Brawler's Cave, Challenge Beach and Challenge Road, Courageous Cavern, Honeycalm Island, and so on.

Due to her character, Chansey is a supporting member. According to her progress, Chansey can become a mature support member and even fight against harsh enemies due to her natural move settings.

However, when using Chansey, it may also be useful to understand the many privileges that Pokemon has. When you look at Chansey's abilities, you will find that her portfolio is exactly the type of treatment you want, including:
Natural cure: Cure the status problem when teammates are swapped out.
Serene Grace: Chansey can increase the possibility of gaining additional effects.
Healer (hidden): Can help heal the state of allies.

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