Simple Ways, Guide to Make WoW Classic Gold in Burning Crusade Classic

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If you are out to make gold, there are certain professions that are just better then others. Jewelcrafting is an absolute gold mine. I don’t really have any experience

Wow Classic TBC is coming soon on live servers so if you prepare well, you can be rich by following WOW Classic Gold farming guides. In this article, igvault will share some useful information about how to prepare nicely for wow classic TBC.


If you are out to make gold, there are certain professions that are just better then others. Jewelcrafting is an absolute gold mine. I don’t really have any experience with anything else besides mining. If you have mining and have the patience to mine constantly instead of just farming primals you will probably make more money. If you plan to mine a lot I recommend this addon:

It will let you set up routes between mineral nodes in a zone. So spend a few hours finding every node in a zone, set up the addon and then all you have to do is point yourself in the direction of the arrow and it pretty much trivializes mining. If anybody else has any experience with other professions please feel free to share. I’d imagine that alchemy can be profitable as well but, I don’t really actually know.

Auction house

Players who are able to use the auction house effectively tend to have the greatest success in making gold. Almost every player needs to use the auction house in some form, so it's a great way to make long-term wealth in World of Warcraft: TBC Classic by using it to make money from the game's population rather than pumping gold into it.

The best way to make a steady income from the auction house is to buy raid materials like potions and bottles at low prices on the weekend and then sell them at higher prices on Tuesday when the raid resets. When raids reset during the week, raiders will inevitably be looking for potions and vials, so sit on the ones you buy at low prices until you are able to list them at high prices, you will get a ton of gold during the Bring week, week out.

Even if you find that certain items on the auction house are unusually cheap, you can use a similar strategy to increase the price after claiming those materials.

Keep in mind that playing the auction house like the stock market can get boring for some players and is only a recommended strategy for players who are genuinely interested in making the goldcraft a main part of their World of Warcraft experience.

Dungeon Boosting

This classic gold making method has always been profitable in every WoW pre patch event. Burning Crusade Classic is no exception. This is an unusually short pre patch event that only lasts two weeks, meaning there are more than enough people rushing to get to level 60 before the big launch. Many of whom are playing Blood Elf and Draenei characters and, as mentioned earlier, these races cannot benefit from the level boost service. Bad news for them but good news for you because you can provide boosting services yourself.

Helping low level characters with quests is pretty boring so the best way of doing this is to boost them through dungeons. Ideally, you’ll want to go with a group of four other people that need boosting and charge each of them for the service. Boosting one person at a time can make you some gold as well but it’s generally not very profitable. Remember that most Classic WoW dungeons are lengthy and require a lot of time to complete. Needless to say, you’ll need a relatively well-geared level 60 character to speed things up. And, of course, knowing the fastest routes through the dungeons wouldn’t hurt either.


When you plunder the enemy, you will pick up a lot of garbage. You may also want to loot only things that seem valuable, but the money you make from selling gray items will quickly accumulate. For convenience, it may be tempting to sell things you don't need to vendors, but by selling to other players, you can get more revenue.

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