Outlining the Best Practices for English to Spanish Translation Services in Virginia Beach

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Hiring translation services in Virginia Beach English to Spanish translation is something that needs to be done carefully because of the variations of the language.  

Tips for English to Spanish Translations: Best Translation Services in Virginia Beach

With over 572 million people speaking Spanish all over the world, translating your content from English to Spanish is a worthy investment. But Spanish translations can be a challenge if you are not hiring experienced and professional translation services. After all, the language is diverse and has multiple written and spoken variations. So, here are a few considerations to manage these challenges and get high-quality English to Spanish translation. 

Paying Close Attention to the Variants in Spanish 

One of the crucial considerations in planning English to Spanish translation is to keep in mind that modern-day Spanish has two distinct versions. They are- Latin-American Spanish and Spanish for Spain. The differences do not hinder communication at the end of the day. However, it is still important to understand what makes them unique. Proficient document translation services Virginia Beach have a clear understanding of the following unique aspects of the language. 

1. The differences in tenses:  

Latin Americans prefers the simple past tense, whereas, using the present perfect tense is more common among Spaniards. 

2. The words used for “you”:  

Spain uses both the pronouns vosotras and vosotros to represent the casual form of “you.” They use ustedes in formal occasions. On the other hand, Latin American Spanish does not have the word vosotros. So, they use ustedes for both informal and formal reasons. 

3. The differences in vocabularies: 

Some differences in vocabularies exist between these two versions. One of the chief differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin America is that the same objects are called by different names. For instance, a cell phone in Latin America is celular, but it is móvil in Spain. 

Make Sure Your Translation Works for Your Target Audience 

Though plenty of variations exist in the Spanish language, translating to Spanish does not need to be overwhelming. The certified translation services Virginia Beach can quickly get the job done. Given below are some of the ways to ensure that the English to Spanish translations suit your target audience: 

If the objective is to attract a wide audience of Spanish speakers living in various locations, you need to direct your translations in a non-localized, neutral manner. Not all Spanish speakers have similar cultures. So, before translating  a particular thing, knowing them well is imperative. 

When you’re focusing on a particular audience, go for a localized message, including cultural and regional nuances. 

You need to make certain that your content sounds natural and nuanced to native speakers in the target region. It is better to avoid any idioms or words with dual meanings or humor in order to prevent confusion during translation. 

The Bottom Line 

Whether you are looking for academic, book, movie, or certificate translation services in Virginia Beach, you need a company that understands the finer nuances of a language. The good news is that you don’t need to look high and low for such a company. Get in touch with Transcription Services US today and hire their services for all your translation needs.