HP Printer In Error State In Common Models

The HP printer in error status appears on Windows and Mac if the printer is not turned on or the cable or Wi-Fi connection is incorrect. If you experience a printer error, make sure to check the ink level and paper supply.


Nearly everyone uses printers for personal and official printing. HP is another popular brand of printers. This brand offers a wide range of printers, from the basic to the advanced. Sometimes, we face problems with all of these products. Instances occur when you face issues like an HP printer in an error state or some HP printer error code 0x6100004a bothering you. These issues are not uncommon and should be fixed. These issues are important to be aware of. You may now wonder how to get my printer back in error. We have the answer. Read the whole blog.

What does HP Printer In Error State mean?

If the printer error status is displayed, it means that the printer has a problem. The printer will not continue printing if it is in an error state. Every time you attempt to print, the message "Printer in Error" will appear. This is a sign that there are physical problems with the printer.

An external device can be connected to your printer. A cable or USB cable can also take the HP envy printer offline. The blog below has some great solutions. If you are looking for ways to get your printer out of an error state, then check the following tips and hacks.

How do I fix an HP printer in error?

If you are looking for the HP printer in error state how to fix it. printer in error state There are many ways to fix the printer that have failed. We all make the same mistake of not checking the connection and power. Here's how to fix printer errors. These steps will fix HP Envy 4500 offline Windows 10 or HP Laserjet 1200 Windows 10 errors.

Ensure Printer is ON

  • You can check the printer's power, and if it is okay, you can go to the control panel of your system.
  • Select the "Device Printer" option from the list, and then choose "Printers".
  • This will tell you if your printer is online or offline. If your printer is offline, right-click it and choose "Use printer online."
  • This will change your printer status from offline to ready.

This will allow you to check the internal settings and resolve any HP printer error issues. You can also use this method if your HP printer won’t turn on.

How to fix HP printer error Windows 10

It is easiest to fix the printer error state by checking the port settings and setting the print spooler to auto. This will prevent HP envy from going offline. These are two quick and easy methods to fix the HP printer error problem.

Modify port settings:

  • Click on the Windows key with R to open the HP printer error message. Enter "devmgmt. MSC" and click OK.
  • Click on "View" to open the next window.
  • Click on "Show hidden device" from the list.
  • You will find a side panel with a list. Click on it and then click on "Ports (COM/LPT)" to go to the properties.
  • Open the port settings tab, then click on "Use any interrupt that has been assigned to this port."
  • Click on OK to enable legacy plug and play detection.
  • Once you have completed all of these steps, restart your computer.

Follow these steps to determine if the printer is in an error state HP. In most cases, the problem will be resolved by the steps above.HP Printer is not printing. The same process can be applied to HP Laserjet 1200 Windows 10 computers.

Automate the Spooler Service

  • Click on the Windows key with R, then enter "services. MSC", and click on OK.
  • Look for the Print Spooler service icon in the panel. Make sure it is turned on.
  • Right-click the print spooler button and choose the properties
  • Go to the General tab and set the Startup type to Automatic.
  • Click on Apply and then click on OK.

Follow these steps to fix the HP printer error windows 10.

HP Service Error Number 79: 49.4 c02 Error and 59 f0Error

Hewlett Packard Service Error 79:

This error can be caused by outdated firmware, which leads to miscommunication. Hewlett was unable to communicate with the printer and spooler due to this miscommunication.

Packard service error 79

You can resolve the problem by updating your firmware and checking for proper communication between the spooler/printer. You can also fix an HP printer error if you do not have the latest firmware.

Hewlett Packard 59 f0 error:

This is caused by hardware errors such as transfer alienation failure. It can also be due to stuck UTB. Faulty assembly of the fuser drive can also cause a 59f0 error. You can fix an HP printer that is in error HP by resetting the ITB and performing manual sensor and diagnostic tests.

Hewlett Packard 49.4 c02 service error:

HP error 49.4c02 is a very common error. It is often caused by general problems. Common reasons for the HP error 49.4c02 include:

  • Printing queue
  • Advance printing
  • Software that is out of date

These are the most common causes of hp error 49.4c02. These issues can be fixed using common methods such as updating firmware.