Solution of Malware won't Open

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In This Article i described the Solution of Malware won't Open

Malwarebytes antimalware solution is one the most widely used antiviruses worldwide. Some users have reported that Malwarebytes is not opening properly lately. Malwarebytes could have been infected with a virus that would cause this.

Malwarebytes Antimalware is not Launching.


Malwarebytes was reported by May users as not functioning properly. It also stopped launching. We looked into the possible causes of Malwarebytes won't open in safe mode inability to launch. It could be due to a missing context, corrupted or incorrectly installed application, or other technical problems. Malwarebytes' inability to work is most often caused by a virus infection.


Give These Solutions a Try


These simple solutions are easy to follow, even if you're not tech-savvy. Follow the steps below to fix Malwarebytes' problem on your own.


Change the name of explorer.exe into mbam.exe.


Many users have solved their Malwarebytes problems by renaming the executable. Malware attacks can cause the file to stop being executed. To rename files, you will need administrative permission. These instructions will help you make the necessary changes.

Move to C: Program Files\ click on mbam.exe and choose rename from the menu. Run the program by renaming the mbam.exe to explorer.exe.


As an administrator, run Malwarebytes


To avoid any issues, it is always recommended to run programs with administrative privileges. Malwarebytes can be run with administrator privileges.


You need to move to the C: Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, click on mbam.exe, and then choose Properties from the contextual menu. You will now need to open the Compatibility tab. Before you confirm the changes, make sure to check the "run the program as an administrator" option.


Malwarebytes Chameleon


Malwarebytes can be launched Malwarebytes Chameleon if Malwarebytes isn't working because of virus attacks. Malwarebytes chameleon can be used to fix problems with other applications that are infected by the virus. Malwarebytes antimalware already contains a powerful chameleon tool to protect. Chameleon attempts to protect antimalware by inside the Malwarebytes antimalware when the virus attempts to attack it.


These are the steps to run Malwarebytes Chameleon.

Malwarebytes Chameleon. Download Malwarebytes Chameleon from the official website. After the download is complete, unzip the contents to a folder. Open the SHM Helo file, and follow the steps. To run the files, you can double-click them. Follow the instructions on your screen.


Use Safe Mode to Run Malwarebytes


To avoid third-party interference, boot your system into Safe Mode with Networking. This will prevent malicious software from creating malware and will resist the work of Malwarebytes.

To boot your system into safe mode, follow the steps below:


Hold the Power button down and shut down your computer. Turn on your computer and repeat the process three times. The Advanced Recovery menu will be displayed the fourth time. Next, choose to Troubleshoot to select Advanced options. Click on Startup Settings. Click on Restart to select Safe Mode with Networking. Start Malwarebytes to scan for malware. After scanning, restart the computer and verify that Malwarebytes is running.


Install Malwarebytes Antimalware


You can uninstall Malwarebytes to see if it works. Then, download Malwarebytes again.

To uninstall, type "control" in the search box. When the Control Panel opens up, select Malwarebytes and click Uninstall to delete this program. Install the latest Malwarebytes version and verify that it resolves the problem.


We trust you've solved the problem. Don't forget to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section below.