10 Places to Find Top Quality Wholesale Cotton Swabs Online

These are not only used for the ear but also used for applying and removing makeup, in arts & crafts, and also to clean nail polish around the nail while applying.


Basically, the concept of cotton swabs came when an American named Leo Gerstenzang had observed his wife while cleaning their kid's ear with a toothpick stuck into a piece of cotton. He felt that it can be dangerous for the little kids' ear canal. So, Leo invented these cotton swabs in the 1920s. These cotton swabs are the most important part for cleaning purposes of the ear. They are used to clean the ear canal by removing wax and other dirt particles.

These are not only used for the ear but also used for applying and removing makeup, in arts crafts, and also to clean nail polish around the nail while applying.

Where to Buy Top Quality Wholesale Online Cotton Swabs

Here we will describe the list of top-quality wholesale skincare cotton swabs online which will help you in quick purchasing.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the top-quality online wholesale marketplace to provide every item which you need. It strives to be the world's best customer service and safest place to purchase online. Amazon provides cotton swabs that are made up of high-quality bamboo handles and natural cotton that is not easy to break but easy to use. On Amazon, thousands of wholesale cotton swabs are available to meet your requirements.

1. eBay

As the biggest marketplace, eBay’s success is attributed to its unique business plan. They are providing all items of necessities for human beings. Cotton swabs are one of them which is available in a vast range with good quality material for kids to adults and old people. Cotton swabs are packed in recyclable cartons. Find a big collection of wholesale cotton swabs online.

2. Etsy

Etsy was founded in June 2005 in New York, United States. Etsy provides the best quality cotton swabs online in bulk. Check out the cotton swab collection for the very best unique and handmade pieces which are valuable to apply or remove makeup.

3. Alibaba.com

Alibaba is a leading global wholesale online platform established in 1999. They provide cotton swabs with natural wood handles to keep them long-lasting. Tips are manufactured with 100% pure and high-absorbent cotton. There is a wholesale collection of customized cotton swabs with bamboo sticks, plastic sticks, and paper sticks to meet your requirements.

4. AliExpress

AliExpress was established in 2010 by Alibaba group to help small businesses be more competitive. AliExpress provides pre-made products for their customers. There are cotton swabs available in various designs, colors, and packaging. Find a big range of wholesale cotton swabs online at reasonable prices.

5. Walmart

Walmart was founded in 1962, Arkansas, United States. Many cotton swabs are available for babies, medical use, cleaning of the ear, and makeup. Besides good quality brands, there are also enormous discounts available to shop cotton swabs online.


KOSMETECH is a disposable cosmetic company that was established in Brooklyn, 2005. It is manufacturing cotton swabs with pure cotton on its tips. They are supplying cotton swabs all around the USA. People found trustworthy products at KOSMETECH. They are providing good customer services to gain people's attention towards their products.

7. Jasincess

Jasincess is also a top-rated place to find wholesale cotton swabs. They are providing packages of cotton swabs for their customers. Each package contains 5 packs of 500 cotton swabs. They are manufacturing cotton swabs of 100% high-quality cotton with bamboo sticks, which go through different sterilization treatments. Visit their site and find your desired product at reasonable prices.

8. Walgreen

Walgreen provides a solution of environmentally friendly and safe to use cotton swabs, which are required for makeup, baby and pet care, handicraft, and other household work. They are also offering return and exchange policies to attain customer's attention. Walgreen's is also the best place to fulfill your requirements.


Boenmed is a leading manufacturer of cotton swabs that are being used for medical and other purposes. The fluffy head of cotton swabs is made up of medical-grade nylon fiber material.  People keep trust in them as they are providing medical fitted cotton swabs. Check out their site to shop high-quality cotton swabs online.


If you want to purchase high-quality places to get hygiene cotton swabs online, visit the above-mentioned places and get items at discounted rates. There is a huge collection of wholesale cotton swabs available online. These cotton swabs are the daily need of everyone. So, its market demand is also growing according to customers' needs.