Madden NFL 22 will change the ratings for Jones and Brown as the season gets underway

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Titans: Derrick Henry is exiled from the top RB rating in Madden NFL 22. Hello, we're EA Sports. We'd love to start a conversation mut coins. Derrick Henry was rated 96 in Madden NFL 22, and on behalf of all Tennessee Titans fans, we've been given a bone to share with you.

Rival Christian McCaffrey on the Panthers wins top running back honors with a rating of 97, which, considering his injury-plagued 2020 season, is honestly insane. CMC played in just three games last year, and despite racking more than 225 yards of rushing and five total touchdowns the total was just three games. Talk about teeny tiny sample size.

Henry however, on the other on the other hand, played in 16 of 16 and led the league in the number of rushing attempts (378) in rushing yards (2,027) as well as rushing touchdowns (17), touches (397), and yards from the line of scrimmage (2,141). No running back from the league has played as well like Henry over the last two seasons, CMC included.

Even in his top years, McCaffrey had fewer total yards, fewer yards per running buy Madden nfl 22 coins, and fewer touchdowns than Derrick Henry did in 2020. Henry has the best chances to win the next season's the rushing championship.