I personally enjoy MUT and franchise style

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I believe you make a point about these Youtubers. A number of them are going to drop absurb amounts of people and money over look it because the station is a favorite. And these men talk up Madden into a fan base of mut coins madden 21 kids every year. I believe if they weewnt being paid they wouldnt play. As a BF participant and madden participant I will assure you the microtransactions in madden are nothing compared to what BF was. I am madden that the microtransactions is solely with MUT and it's possible to build a competing team without paying a dime, of course individuals who pay will attain the group a faster rate but the chance is wide open.

I'm BF it was freaking atrocious. The entire game felt centered off microtransactions. You receive nothing and can spend hundreds at the time. You had been getting scraps so if you didn't invest a dime. BF was atrocious with all the microtransactions, Madden is near on that level. Hell has made it to the BF degree. I agree with you but riddle me ; why is it the largest upgrade I saw in madden multiplayer last season was 3v3 to get squads but you can't do 3v3 online franchise? It is clear what their intentions are. They book any invention for UT products that are related although they could clearly do a little more. EA would like us exclusively playing UT and they are now using multiplayer capabilities to drive that agenda while neglecting different manners when they clearly have the abilities.

To be honest and I understand there'll be a demographic who will get upset at this sentiment, but franchise gamers are the minority that is most likely. And the easiest way to do this is with Modes like the 3 on 3 additional modes, superstar mode etc. Consider it fans have complained about something yet Madden sells outdoing occasionally and 21 continuously sells. You cater to players /try to attract casual players which brings attention to the NFL Sport.

I really wouldn't be shocked if maddens whole business program is to continuously forcing new lovers to the NFL instead of keep long time madden players because let us be fair ( a great deal of long time players are now adults that only play Madden 21 ever so often so we will most likely buy Madden 21 no matter ). Additionally the NFL has made money off the Longterm madden players through time, we've observed Madden 21s on television to keep the tv earnings up, some have purchased the jerseys etc. so the bargain between madden and the NFL would be to have drive new lovers our way and they're doing that now with things such as MUT, that is essentially a popularity contest and the celebrity style (play as DJ Khalid, Yachty, amigos etc now you're reaching for those guys fans who may not have played madden or even heard of it.

You guy. I personally enjoy MUT and franchise style. I bitch about UT but I'm also a part of the problem when it comes to franchise mode expiring while UT happens off. My two best friends went difficult on squads last season and won several Super Bowls together. In all honesty, it was a whole lot of fun. Then I sit back and understand between us 3, all grownup IT professionals with no kids, we probably spent north of $1,000 collectively to"enhance" our experience. then I go and try to play a solo experience in offline franchise like the old days and see how fucking terrible and not enjoyable it's become. I guess a part of my disdain for cheap Mut 21 coins UT is that it didn't have to come to this. I'm unhappy and I feel bad that I helped contribute to the passing of the legitimate simulation game we all grew up enjoying. Honest to god pain in my heart and that I regret what I have helped contribute to. EA played hard. I really don't regret the great times we had but that I believe it ultimately damaged the item.