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Inspiring of being a doctor? Then you must read on. You may like to be called a foreign return doctor. It is good for pay as well as your social status. But for that, you must get admission abroad. You may also be scratching your head over the costs. So here are a few suggestions to ease out your thoughts and help you make a wise decision for your career and life ahead. You can try out doing MBBS in Philippines.

Why should you go abroad to the Philippines for MBBS?

There are many fine colleges in the Philippines for you to select from; such as UV Gullas College of Medicine. The cost of living in the Philippines is not very high, it is affordable. Also, the candidate does not need to pass NEET. You can get admission to MBBS without any donation charges. All sorts of food are available in the Philippines. There are no security issues as well. You will get an impressive English dialect that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Is the MBBS equivalent?

MBBS in Philippinesis equivalent to that done in most countries like India. The syllabus taught there and the curriculum followed is the same as that of India and many other countries. So you will not have any problem working anywhere in the world. The medium of teaching is in English so it is adaptable worldwide. The quality of education one receives at UV Gullas College of Medicine is comparable to many world-class institutes. There are separate and safe hostels for both boys and girls.


We suggest you take a good look at all the facilities that are available in the institutes that you may have shortlisted for admission. Then compare the cost that you shall be paying for it. Also, compare the faculty and facilities. Never forget the safety feature of the institute and the recognition of the degree that you want to pursue. Look for options of further specialisation if you would like to do that after MBBS. So, select a comprehensive institute to carve your future into the perfect sculpture of your dreams. After all, it is going to make you who you are for the rest of your life. All the best!