Banana Cue vendor

Banana Cue vendor gains attention because of her stunning looks


In order to help their parents in providing food in the table for the whole family, there are kids who go out of their way in doing so. Even at a young age, they are already aware of the harsh realities of life but still continue to face it with smiles on their faces.

This young lady from Davao City is no exception to the growing number of these selfless children of lucky parents. Amidst the pandemic, she still found her little way to earn a little for their daily needs. She is selling banana cue in their neighborhood.
But, what caught the attention of many people is not only her selfless act but also her stunning looks. Yssa Nicole Nengasca is the girl we are talking about.

Via a Facebook post, Yssa shared photos of herself holding up the banana cue she is selling. She even said that she is very thankful to the Lord because, in only a short time, the banana cue she is selling is already sold out.
She roams around Barangay Dos in the said city under the heat of the sun in search of anyone who is willing to buy the food she sells. But, she says it was all worth it at the end of the day as she still has a profit which she can give to her parents.
Shortly after she made the post, it already gained a lot of shares, and people cannot help but admire her beautiful face. Others also praised her that even at her young age, she is already sensitive to the needs of her family and does everything she can to help her parents.

Kudos to Yssa! Surely, a brighter future is clear in front of you!