Therefore Casual Gamers Play 2K

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I know that it might sound dramatic, but it really struck me deep. I got a physical variant of FFXII and felt joy, my gf bought me Pokemon Sword (I'm a huge Poke-fan, started playing Red just when it came out and played with nba 2k21 cheap mt mostly every game in the main series) and all of that despair came back, felt dumb, not-optimized for your console and damn dull all of the way, NBA 2K21 loop stinks and only after I got it, the DLC got announced. I live in Argentina and our earnings come off the roofs, a new physical copy of BOTW is around 150/200usd making me a digital buyer largely out of necessity. That is so shitty.

2K is af that is greedy. No one else is currently doing so. There has been signs as well as other games with the cost. They should charge $70 when there is absolutely no micro trades and boxes and all that crap. Other games have a debate. NBA 2K21 which makes minor alterations year over year, with this one probably being the least evolutionary because of this outbreak, has no proper charging that sum. Can not blame them scum though. Folks support them.

You believe they built a completely new game in 1 year? That's pretty damn naive unless they plan on releasing a mess. They just upgraded the textures given that the machine structure is pretty much identical to the gen just. It will be dumb to rebuild from the ground up especially given the money that they make from microtransactions and their sales. They said that they rebuilt it from the bottom up in their advertising because that does not really have to mean anything. It only sounds great, which is why they didn't detail about what that actually means, anything.

Who said they have only been working on this for a year? There is A new engine not a year commitment and would cost millions. Do you really think Take 2 is oking millions in spending for years of dev time for no excess ROI? This is double on easy ways to get mt 2k21 that said their clients were being beneath monetized, and the identical company currently triple imports on GTA V. Marketing speak to build hype is just throwing out and it is clearly working.