WIFI Bluetooth jammer and High power jammer

It is indeed necessary to use Bluetooth jammer to obtain the security status of the network. This is also a way to protect privacy.

Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is a wireless network transmission technology, originally used to replace infrared. Compared with infrared technology, Bluetooth can transmit data without alignment, and the transmission distance is about 0-20 meters (infrared transmission distance is within a few meters). With the help of signal amplifiers, the communication distance can even reach about 100 meters. Bluetooth technology is very suitable for sharing data with digital devices with low power consumption, such as mobile phones and PDAs. Moreover, sound, image, video, etc. can be transmitted between Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth headsets.

Nowadays, the demand for smart residential systems is increasing. Devices called the Internet of Things that connect to the Internet are everywhere. In this case, all connected household goods may become people's eyes and ears in your own house, exposing your privacy to other users. In this case, only portable or blocked WIFI jammers in this category can solve your problem.

It is indeed necessary to use Bluetooth jammer to obtain the security status of the network. This is also a way to protect privacy. This is indeed beneficial to people. It is especially important and allowed to use in some places where wireless networks and Bluetooth are also important. Now, this catalog provides WiFi jammers and Bluetooth jammers with different interference distances, different powers and appearances. Just according to their needs, people can quickly choose the most suitable WiFi Bluetooth signal blocker to ensure safety.

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Now WiFi and bluetooth are frequently used in life, both the wireless network and the Internet need to use them. Although they are very useful, but government agencies or others may use them to steal your privacy. Such as tracking your location and steal your personal privacy through the camera on your phone. Of course, WiFi may pose a threat greater than this. According to research shows that under the WiFi radiation for a long time, may cause harm to the human brain.

High power jammer is higher-power products we provide you, and all products have a large interference radius. High-power blockers are mainly used in school examination rooms, museums, factories, government buildings and other large places. It is to protect the information security and important information of individuals or organizations.