The Man and the Girl are both Legally Married in Philippines. But they find the right Happiness in Taiwan.

Taiwan:Best proposal Ever ba? !!!!?? <br>Kaso Pareho silang may mga pamilya sa Pilipinas..nag abroad para magkaroon na tunay na kaligayahan sa buhay. They deserved It??? <br>#boylegend?


AS the impetus of Saudization and similar policies continued to slash the number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Middle East, a new market, nearer to the Philippines, is emerging: Taiwan.

Due to its aging population and declining birth rate, Taiwan has a shortage of 120,000 jobs and has prepared plans to attract international students and migrant workers, according to ESG Consultancy Services Inc. founder Emmanuel S. Geslani.

“Filipino migrant workers who have stayed in Taiwan for six years have a path to permanent residency while students can work part time,” Geslani, a recruitment consultant, said.

They Deserved It.


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