How to find a satisfactory gift in Animal Crossing?

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Gift-giving is a complicated thing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Gift-giving is a very kind thing. The difficulty is if the villagers receive gifts they don't like. The other person will not be happy, even if they pretend to like it. But this is not the original intention of our gift.

The happiest thing is that every villager on the island has received a set of items they like to receive. The game system can score you and build closer friendships. You can directly pull into your relationship with other villagers on the island and become better friends. It is necessary to select ACNH Buy Bells from the ACBellsBuy website to browse all the gifts. To avoid getting into trouble. Players need to first determine which gifts are the most suitable. to decide what gifts to give them.

Before we start using the Animal Crossing Gift Guide, the first thing you need to know. Friendship in the game has a points system. Each character automatically starts at 25 o'clock. If you want to maintain a good relationship with your favorite people, in addition to giving gifts, you should also talk to them as much as possible. so that you can lay the foundation for a flourishing connection.

Each character in the game has a corresponding favorite color, so you need to make sure that the gift matches the style. Although it may seem difficult to choose at first. But please believe that once it is implemented, it will become very simple. Secretly tell you that if you wrap a gift, you will get extra points.

According to the rules of the game, players can only give gifts once a day. Most of the players will choose to give away clothes and accessories. Because the clothes and accessories and gift-receiving players are so versatile, they rarely make mistakes. If the player wants to give a different gift, the player can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to create a unique gift. There are seven kinds of costumes in the game, and each character likes a variety of different costumes. Players can choose whatever they want according to the rules in their hearts.