Runescape 3 is a monetization clown car

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There is RS gold absolutely no reason we should be hearing about how the international situation has influenced you guys a lot of 4 weeks into it, especially since the OSRS team has managed to be this transparent and produce more content in this moment. I'm not blaming you or the remaining portion of the CM group but it's very clear that something should change, and it needs to happen soon. It is ridiculous that RuneScape that charges 11$ per month, finds a normal yearly growth in earnings, and continuously releases MTX following MTX to"endure" does not possess competent communication.

The freeze in comms due to the team could have been managed better from all areas. We are going to get to a balance where we're still not announcing content too premature, but we are doing a much better - and more consistent - job of keeping you informed on what's going on development shrewd. It'll take some time, not saying we'll nail everything right from the gate, but it's the objective. I love the follow up, and that you guys are saying that you're likely to be getting greater and that it takes time, both of which I am still hopeful for.

However, you guys also need to understand Jagex as a whole has a horrible track record of saying you guys are going to do something, then going quite on stated thing just for us to find out n number of months afterwards that the plan was either completely altered, or scrapped altogether. I dunno, he states they are doing a better job, this can be the worse year ever for rs up to now.

I literally examine the patch notes and laugh. Whoever must type that up defiantly did a good job writing essays since they can turn literally nothing into an entire page of text. Is it a much better job than say. 2016? Is it a better job than a few months back if we or less was advised"everything is nice, the teams flocked nice, you'll have quarterly updates" and that was a large fat lie? Definitely.

RS07 Gold 3 is a monetization clown car

The user is able to get the additional content provided that they maintain an active subscription. The present incarnation of the Squeal of Fortune, Treasure Hunter, is an assortment of various loot box design systems, a lot of which quite literally involve you opening chests with keys in exchange for in-game benefits such as makeup and items designed to provide consumers advantages within RuneScape.