Cost estimation to create a food delivery app like Swiggy

Are you running a restaurant business? Do you wish to expand your business? Swiggy Clone is a righteous choice as you can draw attention from many customers.


The evolution of technology alongside the increased usage of smartphones eases the process of getting everything we need. Be it receiving the food they ordered. A stable internet connection is what they need to place food orders online through a website or mobile app.  

On-demand food delivery apps act as a bridge connecting restaurants and hungry customers. Through this, customers can browse nearby restaurants and choose the food items they like from the available menu. This convenience is one major reason why people keep on preferring the on-demand food delivery apps. Some popular food delivery apps are Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, and FoodPanda. 

Swiggy is one such predominant food ordering delivery app that has renowned its place in the online food delivery sector. Its tremendous growth and immense popularity intend young entrepreneurs to launch a similar app and hit the market as soon as possible. 

How much would it cost to develop a food delivery app like Swiggy?

If you have an interest in developing an app like Swiggy, make the next level by investing in Swiggy Clone app development. Opting for a ready-made food delivery app clone will empower you to launch the app in the wink of an eye. Before that, it would be better to know how much it will cost to develop a Swiggy like app.   

The total cost of developing a food ordering delivery app depends on the following factors. Have a look at it.


  • App platform


Based on the audience you want to target, you have to decide in which operating system to develop the app. Popular ones are Android, iOS, and Windows. The cost will elevate considerably when you plan for app development on many platforms.


  • App size complexity


The app functionality will decide how complex the app will be, and the feature-set included would frame the functionality. So, the lesser the features added, the lesser the price will be. Though, never miss out on the essential features to add. Meanwhile, do not make the Swiggy Clone app more complex.


  • User interface


The app’s interface should amaze the users that will enable them to navigate through various options without any hassles. A poor interface will never make your app successful. This is because no one prefers to use the one which has a bad interface. In such a case, they might think of switching to your competitor’s apps.  


  • App developers’ location


The app developers’ team you are hiring for Swiggy Clone app development will significantly influence the cost. It includes the experience and skills of the app developers. Furthermore, the geolocation where the company locates determines the cost. For instance, the United States-based company charges will be considerably high compared to the Europe-based company.

Final note

In a nutshell, the Swiggy Clone app development cost will solely depend on your business requirements. On a brief note, making the app from scratch needs a huge investment in comparison to choosing the Swiggy Clone Script.