Best Free Live Streaming Apps for Musicians

Best Free Live Streaming Apps for Musicians


Live streaming a DJ set, your rehearsal, or an intimate acoustic session of unreleased music is a great way to build and grow your relationship with your fans; meaning you stay top of mind with your fans, ensuring that you'll be the first gig they will see after the pandemic (we hope). In this post, we’ve looked across multiple platforms and pulled together a selection of free and easy live streaming platforms and apps you can use to create digital concerts.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website. 500X423-1.jpg Log into your YouTube account Choose between video upload or live video at the top right corner of the page Once you are on YouTube Studio, you can choose a title, for example "Band Name: House Concert 03/31/2020" Then you either go public directly or prepare yourself with a "non-listed" or "private" version to test your YouTube live stream. You also have the option to schedule your performance. In the second tab, you can add the description in advance and upload a thumbnail for the presentation of your video. After the streamed event, the recording will be saved to your YouTube videos for fans to also enjoy watching later. You already spent time and money building a community on your social media platforms, so why not do a live gig for this social network? With Facebook, it’s super easy; you can broadcast a concert or a live session for your fans via your mobile app. Plus it's easy to share the online video after the live event. Instagram is still one of the most important social networks right now — especially because it’s a great place to grow and expand your audience. Just like Facebook Live, it’s super simple to do a concert on Instagram Live as well.

Hangouts is usually used for video conferences at work or for a call with your friends, but many artists also use it to broadcast a live concert. You can prepare your event in advance by inviting your fans via email. They just click the link in the email to join your live concert. Some people find Hangouts makes your gig a more personal streaming experience because you only reach fans who signed up for your newsletter. Make sure they know that your Hangouts live concert will be a special treat just for them.

Zoom was designed as a webinar app, but it is also a great tool for a live event. You can use it for an acoustic set of your upcoming songs, for example, or to officially kick off the promotion of your upcoming release. Zoom also allows you to create video chats for up to 100 people (included in the free version!). Just be aware that the free version has a time limit of 40 minutes — which is pretty much the duration of an average album.

Twitch is basically a live stream video portal originally used to broadcast video games. Recently, the service has been trying to expand their community beyond the gaming scene to bring more DJs and musicians onto their platform.

Not sure which to try? Test a few platforms and choose the one that works best for you and your fans. Mobile apps like Instagram Live and Facebook Live are an easy way to engage with fans on your social media platforms, but they will create a different streaming experience than desktop apps like Zoom and Google Meet (Hangout). Remember to rehearse the live concert and test your sound before the scheduled event. Everyone is craving some entertainment during this time, so start streaming!

Merchandise can be a great source of income. Time to send your fans and followers a reminder that you have CDs, vinyl and t-shirts waiting to find a new home. Take new photos of your merch and share them on your social networks as well as your online store or Bandcamp. Bandcamp is also a great way to sell your products and the digital versions of your album, ep or latest single. If you sell your records at the local record store, make sure you invite your community to check out their online shop as well. As usual: support your local scene and we can get through this together!

Everyone’s at home and sooner or later all Netflix favorites will be watched. To make sure your fans don’t get bored at home, you should keep releasing new tracks on Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, Napster or Qobuz. People have plenty of time to carefully listen to your records right now, to buy your merch or to check out your social media. Give them something to work with and something to look forward to!