The development history of the fourth generation of laser pointers

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In the past few decades, Laser pointer technology has made great strides. So, an interesting question is what is the first laser pointer you have? For many of us, a simple low-power red laser keychain is the norm. Regularly buy them at flea markets or street vendors. Their hats can be added to the laser for visual design, such as female silhouettes, grid effects, dog shapes, etc. Its function is that it is a laser beam and a spot that can travel a short distance and is truly visible at night. You can’t see the beam unless it’s in the fog or smoke, but for most of us, it’s still interesting and the beginning of entry into the laser world.

The first generation of laser pointers: a single laser pointer

This generation of laser pointers only has laser functions. According to different standards, it can be divided into different categories. For example, according to the color of the laser light emitted, it is divided into a red laser pointer and a green laser pointer. Among them, the red laser pointer has become the mainstream of daily applications because of its low cost and low price. Green laser pointers are more expensive and are mainly used in engineering construction and astronomical observations. The laser pointer has gradually increased its functions in the application, and there are many new combination innovations superimposed on it, for example, a two-in-one laser pointer with a ballpoint pen function, a U disk laser pointer with a USB disk function, and a retractable pointer, A three-in-one laser pointer with ordinary ballpoint pen functions.

Laser pointers have gradually increased functions in applications, such as a two-in-one laser pointer with ballpoint pen function, a U disk laser pointer with U disk function, and a three-in-one laser pointer with retractable pointer and ordinary ballpoint pen functions. Regardless of whether this pen can write, have a USB flash drive, or stretch to become a pointer, it always takes the function of a laser as the main body and acts as an indicator. The price ranges from more than ten yuan to tens of yuan. Due to the insignificant scattering of the laser, the energy decays slowly, and clear red dots can still be seen after irradiating 200 meters away. On March 11, 2008, in Taiwan's "General Election", Ma Ying-jeou's unidentified red dot was caused by this type of laser pointer. This single laser pointer is an extension of the "electronic pointer".

The second generation laser pointer: page turning laser pointer

The second-generation laser pointer adds the function of remote control of the computer on the basis of the ordinary laser pointer, which is called the page turning laser pointer. Page turning laser pointer (also known as laser page turning pen, wireless presenter, wireless presentation controller, PPT page turning pen, etc.).

Page-turning laser pointers are divided into infrared and radio frequency according to the different wireless transmission technology used. The infrared page turning laser pointer uses infrared technology to transmit remote control signals, and the principle is the same as the TV remote control, DVD remote control, and air conditioner remote control used in life. A typical product is Novo's V606 remote control laser pointer. Infrared technology emerged relatively early, with mature technology and low complexity, and the prices of infrared products are relatively cheap. The price of a page-turning laser pointer using infrared technology is also relatively low, generally less than one hundred yuan. Since infrared light cannot penetrate objects, it needs to be transmitted visually. Between the transmitter and the receiver, there can be no obstructions. The performance is that the receiver and the transmitter must be aligned within a certain angle in order to achieve remote page turning.

The third generation laser pointer:

In my opinion, this generation of laser pointers is pursuing further development in functions, especially to increase interactivity. Some of them have added mouse functions to the page-turning laser pointer. This function mainly takes into account that when using a laser pointer, mouse operation is often required.
There are also some page-turning laser waves for further technological innovation, so that its function can go further on the basis of adding a mouse. This translation laser pointer is composed of a locator and a high power laser pointer. It can be remotely controlled directly on the projection screen or Write on the projected wall and operate the computer.

The fourth generation laser pointer: interactive laser pointer (electronic whiteboard)

The fourth-generation interactive Green laser pointer, also known as the electronic whiteboard, is another technological innovation of the page turning laser pointer. This product can write and operate a computer. It consists of a locator and laser pointer, which can be remotely controlled to write directly on the projection screen or on the projection wall, and it can also operate a computer.
At present, there are not many such products on the market, and the prices of such products are expensive, ranging from 3,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan. With the advancement of science and technology, more and more powerful products will be continuously developed, let us wait and see.

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