The Popular Builds and Character Archetypes

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The real game-changer in this regard was the system introduced in ArcheAge, which was later re-released in ArcheAge Unchained with some minor tweaks. In these two games, you have a choice of 12 unique skill trees... and you select three of them at a time to make your class. After some #quickmaths, we get a total number of 220 unique and different class choices! But wait, ArcheageUnchained class system does not stop there; on top of all this, you can freely swap out a skill tree for another one. This bumps your character's versatility and adaptability to a whole new level - you can tailor your build as you go and adjust it for any situation.

Warrior Builds

Several builds for traditional melee warriors. All these builds are based on Battlerage + Shadowplay skill sets.


Blighter: Battlerage + Shadowplay + Defence skill sets. This build is rather good for many situations. If Blighter attacks the target first the target has no chances to survive. This build has very good survivability because of Defence skills. But Blighter is not the only class for melee warrior.

Shadowblade: Battlerage + Shadowplay + Witchcraft. If you exchange “Defense” skill set of Blighter with “Witchcraft” you will get Shadowblade class – amazing choice for any melee damage dealer. This class has less defense than Blighter and it is difficult to fight after you lose invisibility, but the class deals a lot of damage in melee fight and can control enemy very effective.

Minus of Melee fighters in ArcheAge: they are not very effective in sea battles. When two ships are fighting and there is a distance between them melee fighters can’t deal a lot of damage.

Archer Builds

ArcheAge has great skills for building strong archer. Archers are easy to level up and they are usually difficult to kill in PvP. Archers are very popular in ArcheAge now and I believe it’s the most popular class. All archer builds are based on Archery + Shadowplay skill sets. The third skill set can be any set you prefer.


Trickster: Archery + Shadowplay + Witchcraft.

Stone Arrow: Archery + Shadowplay + Defense.

Ranger: Archery + Shadowplay + Vitalism. This build has additional healing spells that may help you or your allies in battle. This build is rather popular among testers.

Minus of Archers in ArcheAge: they have few AoE abilities. This makes them less effective in massive combat. On the other hand this may show that they are great for 1 vs 1 encounter.

Tank Builds

All Tank builds are based on Defense skill set.


Skullknight: Defense + Auramancy + Occultism. Tank with heavy armor will protect group from thread attracting enemies and taking damage.

Abolisher: Defense + Auramancy + Battlerage. Tank with skills for dealing melee damage.

Paladin: Battlerage + Defense + Vitalism. Paladins have great survivability and can heal alies in battle. Very valuable persons in a group.

Minus of Tank: deals less damage than melee damage dealer and is slower for leveling.

Combat Mage Builds

ArcheAge allows to create different types of battle mages. Classic mages can be created by combining Sorcery + Shadowplay with other skill set.


Reaper: Sorcery + Shadowplay + Occultism.

Animist: Sorcery + Shadowplay + Vitalism. Great build for leveling because of healing abilities. But will not probably be great in PvP.

Minus of Mage: most of mages builds have weak defense.

Healer Builds

Healers in ArcheAge are not similar to healers in other MMO games. Traditional healers have a lot of restoration and healing abilities and can’t deal sufficient damage, but in ArcheAge a healer can be good fighter.


Templar: Vitalism + Auramancy + Defence. It’s a build of healer with heavy armor. Such healer has good survivability and it will be difficult to kill such player in party.

Bard Builds

Builds, listed above are the most popular for direct actions. For example if you want to be great melee damage dealer you should take Shadowblade class. But there is one more role in the game: supporting. A player who prefers supporting role sacrifices one of his skill lines to benefit from Songcraft skill set.


Blade Dancer: Battlerage + Shadowplay + Songcraft. This is a warrior and a buffer. His responsibility is to support party by casting special short duration buffs.

Minuses of Bards: it’s a build for playing in a team. His buffs give benefits only while casting again and again. It’s difficult to level Bard alone.

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