How to fix the "AOL Mail not syncing" issue?

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If you are facing an AOL mail not syncing issue, then remove and re-add your account. Use your AOL mail login details to sign in once again and see if emails load.

If you are sure that someone had sent you an email but you cannot find that email in your inbox and it is not present in the spam folder as well, then it could be a mail syncing issue. Despite logging in with the correct AOL Mail login details you may not be able to fetch the new emails in your inbox. As a result of this, you may feel irritated and you may not be able to concentrate on other tasks as well. Hence, you should try to fix this issue immediately without worrying any longer.

Since you are not alone in this problem, because recently a lot of mail users have been facing this issue, therefore you should try fixing this issue instead. So, in this blog, we are going to fix this general issue faced by users. If one solution doesn't help, you can immediately hop on to the next one.

Ways to solve the issue

If this is the first time you are facing the "AOL mail not syncing" issue, then you should probably check out the solutions listed below:

Method 1- Remove and re-add your account

After logging out of your account, use AOL Mail login details to sign in to your account once again. Apart from this, you can also try to remove your AOL mail account from the mail settings and then re-add it. After doing this, you can try to log in to your account and see if you are able to load new emails or not.

Method 2- Check the server settings

If you are using mail with another email client, then you should check the network configuration settings to fix this issue. Whenever you use AOL with another email client, it is important that you check the IMAP, SMTP, and POP settings.

Method 3- Allow AOL app access

If you have not allowed the app access to different services on your device, then you should give the AOL login app the necessary permissions it requires. For this, you can go to the "Settings" menu and select "Privacy." Here, you can allow the necessary access to the AOL app you are using.


We hope that you have found a solution to the mail syncing issue you were facing earlier. Along with trying these remedies, you can also try to disable the proxy settings on your device or re-install the AOL app on your device. After reinstalling the app, you should try logging in with your AOL Mail Login credentials and load your inbox once again.

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