Review The Promised Neverland volume 20: a worthy end of the series?

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Review The Promised Neverland volume 20: a worthy end of the series?

After the unbearable suspense of volume 19, the authors of The Promised Neverland have a nice surprise in store for us with this last volume. Will Emma succeed in having the future she so longed for? Will she be able to take all her companions to the human world?




Summary of volume 19:
The last chapter of this tome ended well for Emma and her gang. All the children take refuge in Grace Field in an effort to save their siblings who are locked up by Peter Ratri. Isabella, having become Grandmother, rebels against Peter with the sisters, which benefits Emma and the others.

While everything seems to be going well, what does this latest volume of The Promised Neverland have in store for us?

Peter Ratri: Keeper of the Promise
After this twisted proposition from Peter: "Come die with daddy… children", Emma keeps her head erect and tries to negotiate without violence or revenge.

A flashback represents the moment when Peter denounces his brother James following the discovery of the promise: this promise was made by Julius who sacrificed his companions to stop the war.

Peter refuses to cooperate with the children and chooses a rather unexpected option: suicide.

Long live Queen Mujika!
Leuvis makes an announcement to the demon people informing them that all farms will be destroyed. Locals are worried about how they will survive without human meats. And yet there is a solution to this problem: cursed blood.

For a long time the demons lived thinking, because of the queen, that the blood that Mujika bears was cursed. However, it is the opposite, a miracle remedy which makes them keep the “human” appearance without consuming human flesh.

Leuvis, belonging to the old system, cannot continue to be king of demons, he categorically refuses it. Instead, he offers Mujika the chance to become queen. It is above all, their savior, the one who prevented the extermination of demons thanks to her blood.

After this moving sequence, the rest is even more so with the reunion between Emma and Phil.

The promise
After an overwhelming stint with the death of their Mom, Emma decides to go ahead and continue her journey to a new future.

Emma and her comrades make their way to Grace Field's basement. A question annoys Phil: what did Emma ask in exchange for this new promise? Emma replies that the promise did not require any sacrifice. However, with the arrival of the human world, Emma has become untraceable.

The promise was to remove Emma from her family. All of them have been to the human world, including Emma. The only downside is that his memory has been taken away from him. She does not remember her brothers or how she was before she left.

Emma is going to be hosted by a survivor, in an abandoned place, hazy memories cross her mind without answers. Meanwhile, Norman, Ray and the others don't give up hope. They will search for more than two years for a trace of Emma. When they find her, Emma is confused, not knowing who these people are standing in front of her. But even without memories, she knows she is important to her brothers. All together decide to live happily in this new world.

It is a last volume which remains faithful to the whole story, with a good dose of diverse and varied emotions. The Promised Neverland is a very captivating series. The suspense has always been present, which made us want to continue the adventure for our readers. If you feel like it, can continue reading with the one shot of Death Note .

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