Jessi 'Threatened' Lee Sang Yeob For Being Too Close To Jeon So Min In 'Sixth Sense 2'

Jessi 'Threatened' Lee Sang Yeob For Being Too Close To Jeon So Min In 'Sixth Sense 2'


It Is Known Together, Jessi And Lee Sang Yeob Are Indeed Involved In A Love Line In 'Sixth Sense 2'. Jessi Expressed Jealousy Seeing Jeon So Min And Lee Sang Yup Eating Out Together.

" Sixth Sense 2 " aired the latest episode on Saturday (24/9). In the last episode of season 2 of the tvN program, Jessi ( Jessica Ho ) again expressed jealousy to see Lee Sang Yeob close to the other members.

They once again visited various locations to correctly guess which location the production staff made.

The second location visited by members and guests of "Sixth Sense 2" is a self-service cafe. Each member is free to choose the lunch option they want to eat. Jeon So Min and Lee Sang Yeob compactly chose to prepare instant noodles first.

They then went to an outdoor picnic table to start eating. But when Jessi, who saw Jeon So Min and Lee Sang Yup eating out together, suddenly shouted out of jealousy.

"Why are those two together? Look at that. It's suspicious. "I'm fine. But I'm not in a good mood. I've never been rejected by a man before," said Jessi.

While Jessi was in the self-service cafe, Jeon So Min noticed that there was food stuck to Lee Sang Yeop's face and wiped it for the handsome actor. Seeing them through the window, Jessi threw a "threat" at Lee Sang Yeob.

"Sang Yeop oppa, if we were in the United States now, a group of oppas I know would come looking for you," Jessi threatened which actually caused everyone to laugh. It is known together, Jessi and Lee Sang Yeob are indeed involved in a love line in "Sixth Sense 2".

Meanwhile at the end of 'Six Sense 2', the production staff greeted viewers with a simple message. "See you later," the production staff wrote, hinting at the possibility of a season 3. Loyal viewers of this program, please be patient waiting for season 3.

Jessi Turns Game In 'Sixth Sense' Into A Rocking Ass Party

One Of The Mainstay Games Of 'Sixth Sense' Is Guessing Certain Words Or Sentences That Are Demonstrated By Team Members In Sequence. Jessi Actually Did A Butt Shake.

" Sixth Sense " always brings funny and entertaining moments. In a recent episode that invited Gray and Loco as guests, Jessi ( Jessica Ho ) really proved that she was a big part of the comedy aspect of the program.

One of the mainstay games of "Sixth Sense" is guessing certain words or sentences that are demonstrated by team members in sequence. For his team, Gray accepts the word "Camel". He tried his best to use his body to describe that word to Yoo Jae Seok .

Unfortunately, Yoo Jae Seok couldn't understand Gray's movements and imitated his movements a little differently. With Yoo Jae Seok's modification, Jessi who was next in line was confused.

Despite the uncertainty of the words she thought of, Jessi tried to imitate Yoo Jae Seok's movements. While she was impersonating Yoo Jae Suk, Jessi suddenly started doing a butt shake. Yoo Jae Seok and Gray couldn't help but laugh.

Their final team member, Jeon So Min, was certainly surprised. Jeon So Min imitated Jessi's butt shake and gave her best guess. Unfortunately, Jeon So Min guessed the word was "Poo poo".

After the team was told they were wrong, Gray revealed that the word was "Camel". Funnily enough, Yoo Jae Seok teased that Gray's body movements were not clear. When Yoo Jae Suk argued with Gray, Jessi also complained.

"Why are you shaking your ass for this?" Jessie asked. The "Nunu Nana" singer then explained to Yoo Jae Seok, "Oppa is twerking!" Yoo Jae Seok of course was speechless hearing Jessi's obedience.

Meanwhile in "Sixth Sense", Jessi has a love line with Lee Sang Yeob . The sexy rapper even openly stated that he had imagined getting married and even kissed Lee Sang Yeob on the lips. What do you think?