Is Animal Crossing in 2021 worth looking forward to?

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Animal crossing players feel very relaxed as soon as they enter the game. The visual effects of the game are also very good. Most importantly, this game also comes with soothing music. This is a plus point for the game. Players spend a lot of time and energy improving the appearance of the island. Obey the rules of the game, receive tasks, and complete tasks. Upgrade and decorate player houses in this process.

Objectively speaking, the visual effects and music of New Horizons are as beautiful as ever. The game is full of peace and tranquility. Although it is not exciting, it is a good way to relax after a long day of work or dealing with particularly stressful things to complete the various forms of trivial busyness in the game. I also go to the ACBellsBuy website to select ACNH Buy Bells. Just like going to the mall in real life, I will continue shopping in the game. The decoration mechanism of the game is also a lot of fun.

There will also be players discussing that New Horizons urgently needs the diversity of some new content. Although Nintendo's update for the game is also cool, for developers, the event of updating it will get better.

If the game increases the variety of options. It can meet the needs of different types of players. Each player will choose different options according to their hobbies. Players can live a different life every day. Although the villagers have different personalities, they also repeat dialogue lines very frequently, which makes many dialogues boring.

Up to now, I still enjoy the positive atmosphere of the game. There is no end, no end, no failure in the game. For my character, this game is very suitable for me. In my spare time, I will choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to realize my wild ideas. If you like relaxing games, this game is still very suitable for you.