WOW TBC Classic season 2 arena arrives as scheduled

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The acceptance of the new game by players is very rapid. Especially difficult games. Players will work hard to figure out special dispatches that can be cleared and then crack them. The first season of the most recent WOW TBC Classic PVP Arenas just started not long. Brave fans are ready for the second season.

According to careful player statistics, when TBC first appeared, the first arena season of expansion lasted about 20 weeks. According to this development law, players have speculated on the timetable of the second arena.  As for a good experience, you can choose WOW TBC Gold Buy at

The second-season arena is currently in preparation. Players are also waiting patiently. But there is related news that the second season will arrive earlier than originally expected. This is undoubtedly a huge surprise for players.

Although the exact release date of the second phase has not yet been announced, the game's PvP system and the RAID leader of the Viper Temple and the Temple Fortress are being tested on PTR.

Blizzard officially ended the first season ahead of schedule based on the situation. And before the second season, the number of arena points players can get in the first season has been increased. These two seasons have made a correlation. These changes are what players desperately want. Players will choose Buy TBC Gold EU before the update to welcome the arrival of the new arena.

Based on published data. Online professionals also predict that the second stage and second season of the arena may be launched in the next 1-2 months. This is only the result of data projection. The specific time also depends on how the test is conducted.