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Fildena for the treatment of impotence works by blocking PDE-5 inhibitors. In addition it is very helpful in getting and maintaining a strong erection for sexual arousal.


Fildena pills tablets are used to treat impotency and increase the blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal. This ensures a stronger and harder erection for a better sexual experience. Fildena is not suitable for all.

 Use of Fildena

When you take fildena tablet prescribed by your physician, there are some side effects that may occur like severe soreness, diarrhea, nausea, and cloudy urine. If you notice any symptoms like these, consult with your physician immediately. The use of fildena might cause different sorts of side effects in your body if you don't follow the right dosage. Fildena reviews reveal that using fildena properly with the right dosage can bring beneficial results in your body like strong erection, strong ejaculation, strong and smooth urination, painless urination, cloudy urine, and painful urination. An overdose and improper use of fildena may lead to different kinds of side effects in your body, which includes stomach pain, diarrhea, cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

 Side Effects

To prevent these unwanted side effects, consume fildena with the help of a professional medical advisor. You must also take care while using it and must always follow the directions of the drug. Fildena tablets contain ingredients that have lots of benefits but some of the ingredients can result in different kinds of side effects if combined with other drugs or medications. Fildena side effects are different for every individual body and you should follow the dosage given by your physician. Though some people are having less dangerous side effects some others may be having serious problems after consuming this drug. If you are having any problems after using fildena then it is always advisable to contact your doctor at once. Before consuming fildena pills it is very important that you must consult your doctor at the time of purchasing this drug. If you are under medication for any disease and if you want to buy fildena then you must always consult your doctor before buying the drug.

 What is Fildena Dosage?

The active ingredient sildenafil citrate can result in several side effects when consumed in high doses. The most common of all fildena side effects is dry mouth, which is due to the low level of saliva in the mouth. If you have been taking fildena for more than four weeks then you must contact your doctor if you face any problems. Sometimes medicines tend to show some side effects after continuous usage, but if you are using fildena for less than six months then there is no chance of experiencing any side effects.

How to take Fildena?

Fildena tablets are made up of simple carbohydrates and therefore they can be easily metabolized by the liver. However, if you keep on taking fildena without informing your doctor about its use then you might develop kidney-related problems like nephritis or acute kidney failure. The kidney damage can lead to permanent loss of kidney function and also increase your chances of suffering from lifelong diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory, and heart problems. If you develop a problem with any of these kidney diseases and if you continue with your previous dosage of fildena then you might suffer from progressive kidney failure. This situation might lead to brain damage and also death. Fildena tablet contains a substance called methanol which is methanol. It can also cause liver toxicity if it is used in large quantities on a regular basis. People who take fildena for the long term may cause depression and may develop insomnia. Some of the other side effects which may occur if you take fildena is irritation in the stomach and headache. If you get into some of the side effects described above and if you develop a rash then you should stop taking the medication immediately.


It is very important to get knowledge about the medical history of the person. He must also mention whether he has been treated with EDTA (adenosine triphosphate) in the past or not. If the person is a known edta addict then you should consider him to be at risk of developing serious side effects from the treatment with sildenafil. If the person is on any medication for treating mental or physical illnesses then he should mention this as well. This way you will have full knowledge of the medical history of the person and will be in a better position to decide whether sildenafil is suitable for him or not.

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