IGVault Tips: How to Farm Gold in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

The introduction of daily quests to The Burning Crusade is a godsend to many players. Not only they’ll be able to get gold more easily, but there are over 45 daily quests to do as well.

WOW Gold Classic farming is a crucial part of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic experience. No matter what part of the game you focus on—whether it’s PvP or PvE—keeping gold stashed in your back pocket is always going to be incredibly important.

Auction house

Buy cheap and sell high.. Unwanted items can be sold at the Auction House (AH) and other players can buy them for gold. On the other hand, if you’re browsing AH and find something cheaper than usual, you can buy it and resell it at AH for a higher price.

This method will help you save time to make money with TBC Classic, but you need enough gold to buy the item before putting it in AH. AH is certainly unpredictable and dangerous, so you can lose some money.

Daily Quests

The introduction of daily quests to The Burning Crusade is a godsend to many players. Not only they’ll be able to get gold more easily, but there are over 45 daily quests to do as well. The daily quests are rather short and easy to finish, making it a lighter load for players to carry should they plan on doing them at a streak. Granted, the gold that a player gets from the dailies is much smaller when compared to doing dungeons, but those take a lot of time and they’ll also have to have strong gear. To put it simply, daily quests are more accessible to everyone--even beginners and gamers who are just starting their first playthrough in TBC can easily get into it.


In World of Warcraft, ‘farming’ is the process of killing enemies over and over again, to ‘farm’ them for experience or loot. How you tackle this is largely your own choice. You can take on lower-level opponents alone as you progress through the world and story, or instead take on those tougher enemies.

Some farming strategies aim for uncommon gear drops to sell on the auction house, but other methods are more reliable in offering coin and crafting materials like cloth.

Frost Mages are a great choice when farming due to their insane AOE (though there is a damage cap for this in Burning Crusade), and their ability to kite enemies ensures you’ll stay alive longer.

Farming can be very effective within areas of your own level. However, since Burning Crusade Classic is still relatively new, though, farming mobs will be a nightmare due to the sheer amount of players there are. Instead, consider farming dungeons repeatedly, as you’ll be working with players, instead of against them.

Gathering Professions

Gathering Professions are very important to fund the supply for the professions at the start of the expansion. Many people are looking for crafting mats to level their crafting professions, like tailoring, blacksmithing, jewel crafting, etc. Because of this, the auction house is going to take and sell plenty of gatherable items. Those who manage to get epic flying earlier will reap the most from all of this. Although, this value from the gathering will drop slowly and slowly as the expansion progress. Consequently, the demand drops and the supply naturally increases, which is why this is one of the best ways to make gold in Phase 1 of TBC Classic.

One other tip for engineers is to use your flying to acquire gas cloud while on your mining routes. Gas clouds are a way to gather Motes of Shadow, Mana, and Air, with Shadow being the most valuable of the lot. As mentioned previously, motes of Shadows craft Primal Shadow, which is needed for Shadowcloth.

For those with Herbalism and who are ready to solo elites, Skettis in Terrokar is a nice spot. There are many endgame herbs there as it requires level 70 to get there. It is also a reliable spot for Ancient Lichen, but Coildfang dungeons have relatively easy to acquire. But the most promising aspect of the area is the elite kills. They grant Primals a steady source of gold while offering decent chances for acquiring BoE epic gear. Grabbing a pre-bis Life Giving Cloak can certainly bank you plenty of dosh, among other countless epics.

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