Every port in Runescape is able to be docked at

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It's a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I've tried it (65att, str and def using melee) but I didn't feel like getting runes to slayer dart (or something more powerful that melee). And totally failed with Ahrim which is supposed to be a breeze osrs infernal cape, but I could not hit him in any way (the only hits were due to my deflect prayer I believe).

I want to add that you could kill the brothers in normal R if you encounter issues with this event. Once you have entered the tunnels, logout and log in to the beta and do the rest there (I was able to loot the chest and obtain the last piece without killing the last brother, for whatever reason).

There will be more events, which means that more people will are able to buy the dress. It was not difficult at all, but it would've been great to have embraced the idea. I simply mangled the entire thing in Verac's, TokHaarKal, Fury, Berserker (i), Dragon Boots, Griffolic Gloves and a dual whips/ee.

I was killed once in Dharok. It was at that point that I realized that it is possible to restock during the melee. If you import your items prior to looting the chest and then you loot it, you won't have to finish any brothers in Beta. I am looking for some debate on the controversial squeal of fantasy. I'm not looking at short answers Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. I'd like to read more reasoned posts, and get an understanding of what you think. Before answering, please take a moment to read the article.