Donald Trump Should Follow Duterte’s Footsteps, Emulate Him–Queen Elizabeth

London–Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has this morning congratulated Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on his anti-drugs campaign in the Philippines.


While delivering her take on Catalonia political crisis, the Queen urged global leaders to ‘borrow a leaf’ from Philippines powerful man. She said those who lack leadership skills should seek some bits of political advice from Duterte.

“The world did not recognize Catalonia independence just because they lacked wisdom. World leaders must emulate Philippines President Mr. Duterte, even Trump should follow his footsteps. A down to earth and wisdom gifted man. People may think I’m campaigning for him but trust me some world leaders would want to be like him. They should borrow a leaf.” she said.

“I have not seen any other intelligent President other than Durtete, world leaders should go for political advice in Manila. I’m saying all these because am a mother to all. I love Trump, Putin and I hate no one. I’m just concerned.” she added.

She, however, took issues with the European Union urged it to keep off the Philippines. “EU should stop meddling in the Philippines. Filipinos aren’t slaves of the white. They deserve their rights too.” she remarked.

Mr. Duterte, who became president of the Philippines in June 2016, is popular at home for his brutal and highly controversial crackdown on drugs.

Police figures say 3,800 suspects have been killed in anti-drugs operations since he took office. Several thousand more unexplained killings have been attributed to the crackdown. Rights groups have voiced serious concerns over extrajudicial killings

However, the powerful mother on earth seems to be supporting it.

His leadership has faced challenges from members of the Liberal party as they organize demonstrations. They once took to the streets with signs saying “Stop the Killings”

But a counter protest attracted thousands of pro-Duterte supporters, and his approval ratings have remained high despite his controversial policies and public statements. This shows he is still the only hope for the Philippines.