What are the attractions and benefits of Amazon Code?

If you have Amazon Code, it’s time to redeem it so that you can take maximum benefits of your membership.


Amazon has introduced an amazing online video streaming service. This platform allows users to stream popular movies, TV programs, and some other video content at an affordable subscription fee. If you are not aware of this video streaming platform, you can explore this amazing online streaming platform for free of charge. As a new year, you can access Amazon Prime Video content for free. After that, you have the option to continue the service at an economical subscription fee or can also discontinue it.

You can create an Amazon Prime Video account using Amazon.com/code.

• Go to the App Store and get the Amazon Prime account for your smartphone. However, if you are using any type of computer, you should browse Amazon's official website and click on Amazon Prime videos.

• Provide your login credentials to sign in to your Amazon Prime Videos account with the option “Create an Account” and follow the instructions.

• Now, a code appears on your screen while you will log in to your account. Note the code on your paper.

• Now, open your browser and browse amazon.com/code in the URL bar. Afterward, click on “Sign in to Amazon”.

• In the next step, enter the code followed by clicking on the link that says “Start Your 1-month free trial now!”

• Now, you are ready to enjoy a world of Movies, TV shows, and Video content online free for a month.

Amazon Code Verification Process

If you have Amazon Code, it’s time to redeem it so that you can take maximum benefits of your membership.

• In your browser, type www.amazon.com/us/code and click on go.

• Now, register to your Amazon Account with the details.

• Go to www.amazon.com/code prime.

• Then, you will see the Amazon homepage on your screen.

• After that, click on the “Redeem Now” button.

• Then, enter your Amazon.com/code.

• Check the entered code and click on “Verify”.

• Then, submit your credit card information to auto-renew Prime membership.

• Afterward, tap on “Start your Prime Membership”.

• Here, you are ready to enjoy your favorite videos, TV programs, and movies.

How to Set up Amazon Prime Discount Account?

From time to time, Amazon throws exciting deals, offers and shopping coupons to attract more customers to access most of its products and services.

You can follow some steps to set up an Amazon Prime account to avail the best offers and deals through Amazon Code by following the links given below;

For iOS and Android Users

Go to your Play Store or App Store to download and install Amazon App.

Post Installation, create an account on this app.

Finally, tap on Try Prime to Subscribe.

For Non-App Users

Browse Amazon's official Website on your device i.e. computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet, etc.

Follow all the steps to create an Amazon account through www.amazon.com/code.

Then, go to “My Account” and then tap on Amazon Prime to subscribe.

After following the above steps, you will see different offers button to see the best deals and coupons codes. For the first month, it allows its users to enjoy free online Video streaming. And Amazon/code is also primarily there to deliver your favorite products fast and securely at your doorsteps.