What are the things to consider for getting the right concrete finish?

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HERB’S CONCRETE is recognised for providing the best Concrete cutting in Adelaide. We provide our concrete cutting services if you want to apply expansion joints, change colour or size, or if you want to avoid cracking when the weather changes.

In any construction or renovation process, Concrete Adelaide is considered an essential material, and its strength makes it the most desirable material in the construction industry. There is no doubt that you need a professional Concrete Cutting Adelaide service at all times, so it is best to hire a reputable concrete cutter. 

Whenever new ideas emerge in the construction industry, cutting or breaking existing concrete structures is necessary. It may seem like an easy task, but you should leave it to the professionals. In addition to the most modern and highly developed equipment, technical knowledge of highly qualified employees is required. 

Some tips and tricks for a perfect concrete finish 

Make the slab look finished. 

If you want your Concrete Adelaide structure to be remembered for a high-quality finish, it is your responsibility to make it appear finished. Do not leave the job site if you are not sure the panel has received a professional finish. You should be proud when you look at the work you have done. 

Choose the suitable concrete. 

The quality of the material used to make the structure affects the surface. Not all designs are created equal, so find out the needs of your building before selecting and mixing concrete. Some types of concrete cannot withstand extreme temperatures, while others cannot absorb the excess weight. It is advisable to mix your material exactly as the supplier recommends.


It is pouring, tamping and smoothing. 

The pouring process is critical as it ensures no bubbles that can later lead to craters. Be careful when tamping concrete, as improper practice can weaken the slab and ruin your project. You can smooth the surface of the panels with a magnesium spatula or a wooden trowel, which is known as putty. 

Knowing the right time to finish 

Smoothing too much or too soon are two common mistakes people make when finishing concrete, and they draw excess water to the surface, and it can turn white, dusty, and cracked. Consider the weather before finishing concrete, as the material will take longer to set on warm days. 

Adding colour 

One of the main reasons adding colour is more important than you think when finishing concrete is to show your creative side. You can make a professional finished concrete structure look like stone, marble, brick or tile, and you can also perfect your work with great dedication. 

With that said, it's time to follow the tips above, and you should be able to get the perfect concrete finish. Experience and job safety are two essential things to consider in any concrete cutting company. If you want to protect yourself from potential legal and financial risks, look for a company that has insured all workers performing the work. 

Always make sure the Concrete Cutting Adelaide company has legal permission to do the job. If they refuse, you will have to find a new company. You can also request a free estimate and decide if the company is trustworthy and professional according to the budget received. 

It is better to spend more time researching the best Concrete Adelaide cutting company than addressing the problems a bad company can bring you. Hence do proper research and find the right company.


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