Think about how many runescape players (myself included) left to play other MMORPGs

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Jagex must be changed. Fmods OSRS GP should be removed. Fmods should become a salaried job within Jagex with high standards. There will be no more Fmods calling players "you are a lot" and the like. Some Fmods are seriously destroying sections of the forums.

Second, update forums to give players more voice, more choices. The forums should allow players to ignore each other and provide additional tools. This can help create communities. The giving of the RS forums the flexibility and ease of Facebook grouping, is a good idea. Jagex has created a lot of obscure forums that have made the forums unwieldy and polluted the forums.

Create a player council, and let the players choose 12 members as the players who approve budgets. It's a modest one with an estimated budget of 900k annually. If you must use Facebook and Twitter, use them to feed dialogue towards the forums.

This will stop instances like 2012 when Jagex did not take his players' opinions into consideration. For example, 90% of players love SoF and 80% of players love EoC and EoC, which are simple stupid things to Jagex to declare. A sarcastic, emotional rant isn't an ideal idea. Speaking is much more efficient, however it's not as easy to talk. Tick Tock Jagex.

EOC supporters are a large part of my life. Gaming technology is constantly evolving. Think back to when runescape was first launched 13-ish years ago. Think about how technology and gaming in general have advanced in the last 13 years.

Think about how many rs3 gold runescape players (myself included) left to play other MMORPGs that use a similar action bar system. It's true, World of Warcraft. Although I do not think that Runescape should look more like WOW, it is a common custom for the majority of players to use EOC-style HCI. Why do 99% use this method?