Path of Exile's season patch runs throughout the game

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Scourge is the latest Path of Exile update. After anxiously waiting, players finally ushered in the Scourge version. The final version of the Scourge version will be available to PC players from October 22nd.

A lot of new content is coming soon. Including natural disaster challenge alliance, new skill gems and redesigned passive skill tree, and so on. In the long-awaited path of exile, the natural disaster comes. The players before the war were in high spirits. Experienced players need to Buy POE Exalted Orbs in advance. POE Currency allows players to upgrade items to obtain higher weapons and equipment.

A cauldron filled with blood will teleport you to another Wraeclast. It was full of demons called natural disasters. This picture is very difficult for novice players. After obtaining the blood cauldron, according to the rules of the game, the blood cauldron is filled with the blood of the enemies you killed to upgrade and activate the next device. After activating the equipment, enter the next world called Wraeclast, and start a brand new journey.

For Scourge, PoE developers have rebalanced all passive skills. After the change, all power will be concentrated on one main function. Players who want to make sufficient pre-war preparations can choose Buy Exalted Orbs from the website. Then use the function in combination with skill points. Putting skill points into this mastery will allow you to choose from a list of more advanced statistics that match the overall theme of the cluster.

Scourge will also bring a lot of new skill gems to PoE. Some of them allow you to convert your energy shield into energy blades. Summon a deadly tornado powered by your projectile, and even make your character go back in time through the crack of time. Scourge is a full expansion of the game, and there are hundreds of patch notes to accompany it.