How To Recover CenturyLink Email Password

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If you've forgotten your Centurylink password or wish to change it, Visit Our Blog.

CenturyLink is a well-known provider of digital solutions for your home or business, offering a wide range of services such as Internet, TV, cloud, phone, and network security, among others. Despite its fantastic services, consumers may occasionally experience technical difficulties regaining their How To Recover CenturyLink Email Password.

Centurylink Email is one of Centurylink's key email delivery platforms, designed to keep your information safe and secure. Many Centurylink customers must consider how to keep their Centurylink accounts safe and secure. To learn how to keep your Centurylink account safe from hackers, read this Blog.


  • Use a Strong Password: It is critical to use a secure password for Centurylink accounts in order to keep them safe and secure. The password for your Centurylink account should be long and contain a mix of numbers, rare characters, capital, and tiny alphabets.
  • Make use of a backup email address: In the event that you forget your Centurylink account password and need to retrieve your Centurylink email account, a secondary email address will be of assistance. You can quickly reset and recover your Centurylink password if you forget it. As a result, it's critical to attach any valid email address to your account as a recovery email address.

  • Set up Security Questions: To make your Centurylink account safer, you need to create some security questions (secret questions). You should update your Security Question every two or three months to help you recall your secret questions and answers. It will also assist you in regaining access to your Centurylink account if you lose access to your recovery email.
  • Mention Your Mobile Phone Number: When you create a Centurylink account, you must include your mobile phone number in order to receive a proper warning if someone logs into your account or changes your account password. As a result, you should link your cell phone number to your email account to make it more secure.
  • Keep a safe distance from public Wi-Fi networks.


Steps How to Change the Password for Century Link

1. To change your password, go to Century Link's official website.
2. Now, in the top navigation bar, touch on my Century link, and then on 'change email password' in the drop-down box.
3. A new browser window will now open.
4. Enter your current password in the password field after the website has loaded.
5. Now type a new password in the new password box and confirm it by typing it again.
6. After you've completed all of the steps, double-check everything and hit the save button, and you're done.

Centurylink Password Recovery Help - Recover Your Centurylink Email Account

To retrieve a Centurylink email account password. Click sign in at To acquire a verification code, touch on lost passwordenter your 10 digit phone numberconfirm and click proceed To gain access to your account, change your password.

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