NBA 2K21 MyTEAM crosses development between next generation and current version

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According to 2K, NBA 2K21 will support cross upgrades between current game consoles and next-generation game consoles, but only in the online MyTEAM game mode.

NBA 2K21 will support NBA 2K21 MT for cross-development between the current version and the next-generation version, so that players can transfer all their progress to the latest version of the game. The championship title of this sporting event will be issued for each generation, not for the latest version of the next generation of players to be updated after the release.

Of course, "2K Games" has been criticized for its pricing model for NBA 2K21. Unlike many other publishers who promise free upgrades for those who buy games with the current generation, 2K Games is taking a different approach. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of NBA 2K21 will increase by $10 to $70. For those interested in trying NBA 2K21 for the first time, demos are now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

2K Games revealed that NBA 2K21 will support cross-development in MyTEAM mode. Although the unsaved data will be transferred in other game modes, all content of MyTEAM will be transferred to the next-generation platform. Of course, like the inter-generational releases of other games, progress will only continue to users who use the same series of consoles. According to Erick Boenisch, executive producer of Visual Concepts, players will be able to switch between the same series of consoles they want because this is not a transfer. Domination, triple threats and advancements in cards and all game currencies including MyTEAM points will continue.

NBA 2K21 will not provide free upgrades, so players who want to access both versions of the game will need to purchase the "Mamba Forever Edition" game for $99.99. The Mamba Forever Memorial commemorates Kobe Bryant, who passed away earlier this year, making it a collector's item for all NBA fans. However, some fans criticized 2K for only allowing Kobe to board the more expensive version of the game, believing it was using his death to make money.

Despite severe criticism from fans in recent weeks due to 2K's NBA 2k21 pricing strategy, this latest announcement will still be welcomed by most players. Being able to retain MyTEAM points and cards will allow the game to be purchased as soon as a more attractive prospect is released. And NBA 2K21 MT For Sale players will not feel that they are wasting money and will almost certainly be more willing to upgrade.