Blizzard Will Offer Character Boosts

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Blizzard Will Offer Character BoostsBlizzard Will Offer Character Boosts

Blizzard Will Offer Character Boosts

Blizzard is launching (well, re-launching, in a sense) its Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft Classic later this year, and it wants to make sure anyone who wants to can participate immediately -- even if they haven't done the hours and hours of grinding required in Classic to get a max level character.To get more news about lootwow, you can visit official website.
Speaking in an interview with IGN ahead of today's BlizzCon 2021 announcements, executive producer John Hight and lead software engineer Brian Birmingham confirmed that Blizzard would offer some way to boost characters to level 58 (the level at which players can access The Burning Crusade content in Outland) for those who wanted to jump right into Burning Crusade without going through all of Classic's content first -- though they weren't specific as to exactly how that boost would be obtained.

Hight suggested that while The Burning Crusade would automatically be made available to anyone with a World of Warcraft subscription "one option will also be to be able to get a boost" and that option "may potentially include some other cool stuff" -- effectively hinting at some form of boost other than the usual paid boost available with the retail version of the game.
Birmingham said that regardless of how it was obtained, it was important that getting that boost didn't trivialize the accomplishments of Classic players so far. He said Blizzard wants to "honor the sense of accomplishment" that players who had already reached max level in Classic had. To that end, the boost will be limited: only one per World of Warcraft account, characters will be wearing level-appropriate but not overpowered dungeon gear, and the two new races introduces in Burning Crusade -- Draenei and Blood Elves -- cannot be boosted.
We know for a lot of people this was their entry into WoW, and we don't want them to feel like they missed out," Hight said. "I think if we'd had the notion of a boost back then, we definitely would have used it. When we introduced it with Warlords of Draenor we saw a lot of people return to WoW."

Character boosting isn't the only Classic character service being added. Birmingham and Hight also elaborated on the process of bringing a character to Burning Crusade, or choosing to keep it in the original Classic.

Essentially, Birmingham explained, on launch day there will be two separate game clients in one for Burning Crusade, and one for Classic. When you launch one and select a character, it will ask you to confirm if that's where you want that character to be, and then you'll lock it in. The choice is per character, so different characters can go to whichever version of the game players want.