Furthermore, graves reduce the risk of RS by a huge amount

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Furthermore, graves reduce the risk of RS by a huge amount

OSRS Fire Cape pretending there is an enormous mountain range that separates Asgarnia and Misthalin from the Wilderness... it seems odd that a single mountain exists standing on its own) therefore, I'm guessing it is what makes Daquarius the chief of the Kinshra, an aristocratic.

This is logical since he holds the title of Lord. Also what is the reason Sir Amik simply a knight in comparison to Daquarius, the Lord? Let's see, what do you think? Would a knight really be allowed to lead a kingdom? Sorry for some unrelated parts. I just copied and pasted it from a RSOF posting.

The grave issue isn't clear to me. For those who don’t believe, there is a belief that grave stones aren't blessed and that thieves will take your loot. I can't believe that this was the case pre 2007. There was no grace period of 6 minutes to collect your possessions.

One argument that has been discussed is that the emergence of new bosses isn't a reason to be gravely, does it? Really? Really? Demons is the latest boss to be released in 08, and even though I do bless my partner (well, he blesses us however he is yet to die) I can always get back within three minutes. The whole gravestone blessing argumentment doesn't apply to this game. Whatever the blessings on your grave is, you will still get it back.

Corpreal Beast, on contrary, was deliberately designed to avoid the gravestone mechanic. I hope Jagex looked at it and then hung their heads in shame at the bear bosses with little risk, so created one that doesn't care about gravestones. If you don't have the time to go to your home in two minutes, what else would you want to?

Finally Nex, I have yet not to fight her. However, given that the majority of players believe Jagex to be working on this update for quite some time, it's right to say that Nex was created to incorporate these features. While a blessing can help bring back to where you were It is widely thought that Nex would have included this feature.

For all other bosses, they were designed to be played without gravestones, and with real risk. You can reclaim items from Bandos and KBD, Chaos Ele, Mole and even Zammy through a grave without bless. DKs, Arma, and Sara are available in a grave with bless.

Furthermore, graves reduce the risk of RS by a huge amount. We know that someone will not be able to bless your grave in order that that they can get there mitts on your fury, this is the point. It's not them being an Buy OSRS Accounts penis, but the way in which the RS death penalty is carried out and has been distorted by graves.