Precautions for steam sterilizer

The steam sterilizer should be placed in a ventilated and dry room, free of flammable and explosive materials.


1. Frequently check whether the power cord of the sterilizer is well grounded.

2. The steam sterilizer should be placed in a ventilated and dry room, free of flammable and explosive materials.

3. The position of the exhaust valve has been calibrated when leaving the factory, and the lead seals and screws on the valve must not be arbitrarily removed.

4. The stacked items shall not exceed 4/5 of the total volume.

5. Do not attach oil to the sealing ring, so as not to damage the rubber and cause air leakage.

6. It is strictly forbidden to sterilize chemicals that cause explosion or sudden pressure increase in contact with steam media.

7. When stacking items in the sterilizer, it is strictly forbidden to block the air outlet of the exhaust valve, and a space must be left unobstructed, otherwise the exhaust valve will be blocked due to the air outlet

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Ultraviolet mercury lamp is used as the light source to eliminate, kill or spread pathogens in drinking water. Studies have shown that ultraviolet light can also kill cryptosporidium and E. coli flora in tap water so that the water quality can be treated harmlessly. The purpose of removing pathogenic bodies. The water quality can reach the sanitary standard of drinking water after installing water treatment equipment such as pipeline ultraviolet ray device and purple water tank self-cleaning device. The product complies with the GB/T1983-2005 "Urban Water Supply and Drainage Ultraviolet Equipment" standard. UV Sterilizer

It belongs to a purely physical method and has the advantages of simplicity and convenience, no secondary pollution, easy management and automation. With the introduction of new-designed ultraviolet lamps, the application range of ultraviolet rays is also expanding.